Keep Calm and Carry On

by - November 22, 2013

Before I open up about something I encountered yesterday, I just wanna talk about this outfit first. I wore this to the Holiday Bazaar day 2. But during Day 1, I wore the Rainbow Bright outfit, which easily catched peoples attention, but apparently, not the person who gives out condo flyers. I was there the whole day, but he never handed me one and to think our booth was right across each other. But Day 2 was a whole different story. As soon as I walked by his stall, I could already sense him following me to our booth and then he gave me a condo flyer and made small talk about investing. Final casing point? Lakas maka-donya ng outfit na toh! Haha!:))

 photo DSC_0754_zps7464c6bb.jpg
 photo DSC_0758_zpsb70e8108.jpg

Anyhoo, back to what I wanted to talk about. Have you ever come across someone who seems like they have so much anger in them? It's like they wanna explode in every sentence they utter or get mad at the simplest things and don't understand the situation of other folks? They just insist on what they believe is right for them?

In any case you have or have not, my personal opinion about that is don't clash or join in their anger issues. I know people like that are the kind you really want to give in to and just argue with them like there's no tomorrow. I've had my fair share of that, but I can say over the years I have learned a lot and matured. When I encounter people like that, I stay calm and let them be. If they insist on being angry, what can I do, right? I can try to help or talk to them. I don't want to stress myself to the edge and join in the aggravation. Don't you notice that it makes things so much worst when you give those kind of people the time of day? And after you argue, you end up feeling 10x worst as well, as if you're the bad guy.

 photo DSC_0769_zpsfdda7804.jpg
 photo DSC_0786_zps702d50be.jpg

The answer may be simple; stay calm. But I believe good things come to people who do not make things worst, but try to at least make them better. I think silence is also the key when you have anger issues. Try not talking to anyone for awhile and breathe. You'd regret less if you try to control. 

 photo DSC_0756_zps88b81672.jpg

I guess what I'm trying to say is that everyone has their own problems. We may encounter people who cause our problems, but never wish ill on others. They'll get what they deserve. You on the other hand just keep calm and carry on spreading positivity. :)

After all, Christmas is just around the corner. We need to be merry!

 photo DSC_0797_zpsea83ca6d.jpg

dress: plains and prints
bag: suy 
sandals: topshop

Well, that's just my two cents worth of it. Haba ng two cents eh noh? haha!:) But seriously, let's all try to be less angry and try to be optimistic about things. 

"I am an optimist. It doesn't seem too much use being anything else."-Winston Churchill


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  1. After we lost our house and all our belongings to a big fire when I was in high school, there was a period when I was angry all the time. I was angry at everything for no reason! It was really exhausting, and I'm very thankful I snapped out of it. Now I still have problems of course, but I don't let anything bother me anymore to the point that I would be too negative about everything. Life's better when you're happy. :)

  2. i do agree,, and it mostly happen in social media. if you try to share your thoughts or give advises, tendency is misunderstanding and your opinion will be taken negatively. tao nga naman...

    btw i love your aura here. donya nga!

  3. From the dress to the bag till the sandals (pati ang hair mo na talagang bet na bet ko pero hindi lang bagay sakin kasi mas lalaki ang mukha ko lol) donya nga ang peg! Hehe.

    I hate getting into arguments, even with my ex (omg, ex talk na lol) I have always been the patient one na would try to put myself on his shoes para wala nang gulo and try to just understand things; pero 'pag nagalit talaga ako... Wala lang, sandali lang din. Haha! I guess it always depends on what we go through in life. I can say na I've been through shit since college (and by that I do mean serious shit na hindi lang teenage angst na my parents hate me and all) and at first I was really angry with people and with what has been happening in my life. I blamed everyone else but myself; but then there was a point in my life na I was able to see things in a different pov and made me realize na these shit wouldn't happen if it weren't for decisions I made. That's when I started looking at people differently and stopped blaming them. I didn't blame myself completely, either. Nasasabi ko na lang, shit happens. At least I learned something from it.

    I guess, it also helps na we learn how to appreciate even the simplest thing life has got to offer. Kasi through that, we will be able to see the beauty in other people and in other things, which would help us have a clearer and more positive view on people and things.

    Sorry, Ava, medyo nobela. lol I love the topic you discussed in this blog post lang.


  4. No worries!! Thank you for sharing, actually!:) I get your point. I also went through sorta the same thing in my last year of HS. But all is well now. We all grow I suppose!:)

  5. Hehehe thank you, Carizza!:) Yes, that's why it's better to let things cool down noh?:)

  6. thank you love! dahil yan sa photos mo! inspired! hehe

  7. Oh my :( Sorry to hear that. I sure don't know what i'll do if that happened. :( Maybe angry phase as well. Who wouldn't diba?

    But to be honest, I don't see that in you, Krissy! Not at all! You're so happy! :D


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