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by - November 27, 2013

A few months back, I got the privilege of trying out two new very interesting beauty brands and I must say that I enjoyed testing them out. But back then, they weren't available in Manila yet, so I had to do some major waiting. Of course, I didn't wait in vain, because finally they're both here! Special thanks to  the awesome company BECAUSE Inc. :)

First let me start with The Cream Factory...

 photo IMG_3223_zpsa5722c29.jpg
 photo IMG_3220_zpsc3fa17fe.jpg

For people who have an affinity for goat's milk, then you'd definitely find The Cream Factory to be your favourite brand from now on. Why? The brand offers a variety of bath and body products that is made from the quality and purity of creamy Goat's milk from the Netherlands that has amazing ingredients in it such as Spanish almond oil, Exotic acai berry, Aromatic french lavender and other active botanical extracts from around the world. Now tell me, doesn't that sound delicious? Not to mention, Goat's milk being good for your skin. :)

 photo IMG_3218_zps35fff877.jpg
 photo IMG_3219_zps66ed2510.jpg

Like I said, I got to try this before, but it was just exciting to try them out again in their pretty packaging. :) 

The Bath cream has 9 yummy flavours to choose from, while the Scrub-in-a-tub have 3 categories; Creamy, Yummy and Salty. All of which have specific ways to make your skin feel better. I heard the Salty exfoliates best! But that's just what I heard. ;) 

 photo IMG_3221_zps2a1bc71f.jpg

Among the bath creams though, my top picks would have to be the Goat's Milk & Honey, which is called the germ-killing soap. It has honey and Goat's Milk, giving moisturising, antiseptic and antibacterial properties. 

My other favourite would be the Goat's Milk & Cinnamon: The Purifying soap. I always loved the smell of cinnamon and how it reminds me of Christmas. But I was surprised to know that cinnamon is good for your skin and can actually kill bacteria and drive away potential infections. I'm sure you got amazed with that fact as well!

So now when I eat anything with cinnamon or honey, I'll surely have The Cream Factory in mind and how good those two are for my skin. I never thought desserts can get anymore sweeter! No doubt the brand is has the tagline, "Dessert For The Skin." ;) 

There are more desserts bath creams to choose from. Whether you want something to detoxify you, soothe, revitalize, clarify and more… they have it!:)

The next one I'd like to introduce is Saforelle...

 photo IMG_3222_zps1dfe4d0d.jpg

Saforelle is a gentle body and intimate body wash from Paris. Now, the first time I encountered this, I initially thought it was solely a feminine wash; with its pink and white packaging and "Intimate wash" indicated on it, I can't help but think it was. But of course, I missed out on one important detail, which is that it actually says, "BODY and intimate wash." You can use it for your body as well! If you have sensitive skin, you can use this daily. It's contains no soap or parabens, and made with Burdock extract. Hence, gentle cleansing care for you. The scent is quite delicate, so you won't have to worry about your nose getting beaten up with strong fragrance.

And that's it!:) Two products that will certainly tickle your fancy. :) Try it out and I'm sure you won't regret it. They're gentle and you will definitely enjoy them all. :)

But the good news doesn't end with introducing to you these two brands!:) Nope! The company BECAUSE has planned out special treats for you, guys!

 photo because1_zpsd035b674.jpg

They have 3 plans to be exact; They have the VW Beauty Bus Brigade, which will be going around certain places and people can have the chance to try out their products and get pampered!:) 

The next one is from Saforelle…Basically, you pick out a group of women and whoever you think embodies Saforelle the most, you let her know she's Spectacular and you give her a small gift. :) 

Last is from The Cream Factory… They call this Gertie The Goat Goes To Town... 

 photo IMG_3230_zps3cd0c42b.jpg

They plan to bring a real live goat into animal-friendly places (ex. Bonifacio Global City or ATC) and if you happen to see it, pose a photo with Gertie, post it on FB or Instagram and put the hashtag #iloveTCF and #WhereisGertie. Then you get yourself a  FREE TCF bath cream! Sweet treat, right?:)

There's nothing in it for the company, if that's what you're thinking. They wanna do this simply because they want you all to experience their products and see what you might like. Something fun!

 photo IMG_3229_zpsd178c2a1.jpg

I got my own bucket of joy and I've been using my bath creams for days now and they smell soooo good and leaves me skin softy! If you happen to be my friend and you smell my cinnamon/honey scent, please don't bite me! I know I smell good haha!:)) 

I super can't wait to try out their Scrub-in-a-tub soon!^_^

 photo IMG_3228_zps6e20897a.jpg

These ail now be my new partners to bring back joy to bath time!:)

For more information about the The Cream Factory, Saforelle and BECAUSE Inc., visit the following links:


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  1. Ohmyy I might mistake these for the real thing! Haha I can already imagine the smell! Ahh nice :)

  2. i have this in acai and it smells so good!


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