Weathering it out my way

by - November 29, 2013

Converse as a brand is often associated with people who are skaters, rockers, edgy or grunge fashionistas. But what some people forget is that Converse can weather through any kind of fashion or look if styled the right way. :)

There's a famous quote by Marilyn Monroe and it goes, "Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world." But what they should have really said is that give the girl the right pair of sneakers! Now that could really make someone conquer the world. Why? Cos when you wear high heels or pretty flats and rain starts pouring, you can bet that your world will stop and you get stuck. Unless of course, you're willing to walk your heels and flats through puddles of water. But if  you're wearing sneakers, you can run and make your way through. Chucks that have fancy or girly styles are heaven sent for girly-girls on the go. Don't you agree? Style and comfort all in one. Perfect!

 photo wc3_zps6c85c32f.jpg
 photo wc1_zps61858498.jpg

So the other day, some bloggers got asked to style the new Converse Weatherized Collection and this is the look that I came up with. Staying true to my style of being artsy fartsy and dainty, I wore a pair of bright pink high-cut chucks and light grey jacket to match my floral pants and pink necklace. :)

 photo P1070006_zps5362bebe.jpg

I may be more inclined to girly fashion, but I am definitely drawn to Converse. It complements my style and actually makes me more creative in mixing and matching. It lets me experiment on different looks. :) 

 photo wc2_zps00ba612f.jpg
 photo wc4_zpsd59e97d8.jpg

When I was still in my teen years, I had this obsession with Chucks and I wanted to have them in all colours if I could. Reason why I thought of posing in between the racks of these awesome sneakers. Makes me wonder, what style do you prefer, high-cut or low-cut?:) I like both!

 photo wc5_zpsfdd18d1b.jpg

Jacket & sneakers: Converse Philippines

I really enjoyed this shoot, because it challenged me to come up with a look that matched both my style and the 2013 Converse Weatherized Collection. :) 

The only question now is, who are the 3 bloggers that would win the challenge?:) Hoping you like how I styled mine!;)

 photo Bags_zpse814f6b3.png
 photo converseweather_zpsb3df9fb3.jpg

If it interests you, above are some of the latest designs of the 2013 Converse collection. :)



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  1. Ultimate test of patience! Hahaha! Love the looks we've sported, babe! Goodluck to us ♥

  2. So cuuute!!! Peg ko yung colored pa rin yung converse mo. Hihi.


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