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by - December 06, 2013

The new year is less than a month away and December is the time where we all planner addicts start looking incessantly for a new planner to jot down everything we need to remember, keep track of and just enjoy decorating. Basically, if you love planners so much, your life depends on it!

So, if you are still on the look out for the perfect planner, then I hope you don't mind that I suggest one for you, since I just got one last week. I think it's perfect to share!:)

 photo IMG_3553_zps6836948c.jpg
 photo IMG_3554_zps599f44e3.jpg

I got the BELLE DE JOUR Power Planner 2014 in the mail last week and it has everything us girls might need for the year. :) There's a lot of things inside to look forward to and I even got a lifestyle card along with it! Sweet, right?:)

So what is inside the BDJ Power Planner 2014? Let me give you a little glimpse. :)

 photo IMG_3555_zpse64573a6.jpg

If you're a blogger like me, then you'd absolutely have fun jotting down your blogging ideas on the left page and you'll enjoy the discounts you can get on the following brands above with your BDJ Lifestyle card! You can actually get the card FREE when you register on the BDJ website, http://belledejourpowerplanner.com, until April 2014. :)

Next up are more than 3 pages worth of coupons!

 photo IMG_3566_zps44cb0897.jpg

You get a planner that is Php 598, but you actually get more than that in return. :) Look at the awesome brands you can use your coupons at! You can even get items for free!

Mood boards are usually hard to bring around. But with the Dream board on your BDJ Planner, you can certainly keep track of your dreams. :)

 photo IMG_3556_zps07296218.jpg

Post a picture, doodle, put stickers, put anything that can remind you of your dreams and goals. 

If you're forgetful like me, you can now put that behind you and write down all the upcoming events you're looking forward to go to!:) Can't think of any yet?

 photo IMG_3562_zps89093dec.jpg

BDJ already wrote down a few for you gals not to miss out. :) It's up to you to fill it up!

 photo IMG_3560_zps73d844ff.jpg
 photo IMG_3561_zpsa2aa167b.jpg

Each month has a story or tip for what we can do to be a better person; from your inner to your outer! This planner will definitely make you busy reading all the interesting things inside it. :) Aside from that, every month's page has a different colour theme as well. Nothing dull here!

If you want to keep your finances on track, you have bills tracker and cash flow tracker at the back of the page. :)

 photo IMG_3564_zpsdbcc22ed.jpg

This way you can see how much you have each month and can budget wisely. 

And of course, last but not the least, the end…

 photo IMG_3565_zps2cf3886c.jpg

If you love stickers or post-its, then you can easily bring them along as well, because the BDJ planner has a pocket you can put all those in.  BTW, those stickers above come with the planner already. :)

There's a lot more pages that I haven't shown you, but I'm sure you'll love them. :) This is just a little glimpse so you'd have an idea if this planner will work for you. If it does, you can choose this, a spiral version or the grey exclusive leather and with that you can get your name personalized on it. :) Nice, right?:)

So, if you're decided on which planner to get, you can go to: BDJ PLANNER 2014 and pick!:)


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  1. Hi Ava! Love your pens! Where did you get them?

  2. I love BDJ Planner kasi feeling ko ginawa talaga siya for women. From the design to the inspirational quotes. Kahit na hindi ko masyado nagagamit yung coupons I will still go for BDJ.


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