Bloggers United 6 Photo Diary!♥

by - December 26, 2013

I know Bloggers United 6 has been over for 3 weeks already, so I apologize for only blogging this now. I had so many backlogs that I didn't know how to squeeze it in. Especially when Christmas was nearing, the more it didn't give me the time to blog. But now all that rush is over, I can finally post my BU6 photo diary. I hope you like it!:)

 photo IMG_3599_zpsea0c1b87.jpg

Bloggers United is something that I look forward to twice in a year. I really get excited for it and prepare the stuff i'll be selling through the months. Yes, I like to sell my stuff. But what I'm really excited about is meeting readers and friends that day. That's THE best part!

 photo IMG_3584_zpsbe021736.jpg
 photo IMG_3588_zpsa643d6a4.jpg
my bucket and paper bags!
 photo IMG_3586_zpsf52c770b.jpg
my simple gift inside the bags :)

Just like every Bloggers United, I try my best to make my booth as artsy fartsy as possible. I also decorate my own paper bags to show how much I appreciate my buyers. But I added a bit more to the decorated paper bags and that's an OOTD watercolor that I painted as a little gift to the people who dropped by my booth. :) To the ones who got one, I really hope I made you smile!

 photo IMG_3585_zpsb0b8940d.jpg
jam packed!
 photo IMG_3596_zpsb1b57b82.jpg
Nava booth!

The day started out at around 11:30AM and the place was jam packed with people!:) You could barely walk through the thick crowd. This is actually the first time that I didn't have a booth mate. Not because I wasn't assigned one. It was because Aie got caught in traffic and by the time she got to WTC, there were so many people that she had to booth outside with Paul, Sarah, Pax and Ana. Luckily, there were other bloggers around, so it wasn't that lonely. :)

And of course, why would I be lonely when you guys dropped by and visited my booth??:) I had so much fun chatting with you guys!

 photo Bu61_zps0c506f8b.jpg
 photo bu63_zps962b2d8b.jpg
 photo bu62_zps70f2403f.jpg

Thank you thank you so much to the new and old faces that I saw that day. You guys always make Bloggers United worth while. No matter how tired I get from manning my booth for 12 hours, when I see you guys drop by my booth and we talk, it brightens up my day!:) I consider you guys as friends already! Thank you for making Artsy Fartsy Ava what it is today! Thank you so much for the support and love! I love you, guys!!

 photo IMG_3592_zps0d5ee1ba.jpg
My idol hehe :)
 photo IMG_3598_zpsdad22ced.jpg
Andi Eigenmann's booth :)
 photo IMG_3606_zps61ca7349.jpg
Instax Mini 8 and Nava :)
 photo IMG_3597_zps4a299a31.jpg
Cute flip flops from Banana Peel :)

When I got the chance to go around, I also dropped by some booths. :) I love how my good friend and fellow blogger Seph Cham was so game in taking my photo with his poster! Cool dude, right?^_^ Andi Eigenmann was our celebrity blogger for BU6. She brought her own brand Candy Andi. I love her shoes! 

FujiFilm, Nava and Banana Peel was also present that day!:) I love the huge Instax Mini 8! They actually offered free instax picture that day for the shoppers. :) 

And now for another exciting part, my Bloggers United 6 gifts!:)

 photo IMG_3583_zpsce8538d2.jpg

FujiFilm dropped by my booth and gave me 4 films for my Instax Mini 8!:) So happy with these!! I've been using some of it already during events. I can't wait to use it this coming new year! Thank you so much, FujiFilm, Mikee and Paul!

 photo IMG_3590_zps83252b97.jpg

Got this lovely black and white skirt at the Nava booth. A lot of shoppers love Nava! Why do I know that? Practically everyone who passed by my booth had a Nava tote bag!:) They were on sale during Bloggers United and for every Php 1000 purchase, you automatically get 10% Off. :) Thank you, Danika for this! Can't wait to wear it!^_^

 photo IMG_3589_zps9f7d11d6.jpg

Last, but definitely not the least, this awesome photo mosaic that was given to me by Kristina and Kowrah Letada. I can't express how flattered and touched I was when they handed this to me. I've known them for such a long time and I can't thank them enough for the support that they have given me throughout the years and every BU. :) Thank you so much, girls! You fill my heart with happiness!

 photo bu64_zpsb1479fc5.jpg
 photo IMG_3607_zps5e8dfd0a.jpg

Another great thing about BU is when I get to bond with my fellow bloggers and blogkada!:) I love goofing around with them! BTW, congrats to Raj Bay and Nikko Panti of Mad House Manila for making BU6 extra special!:)

Congratulations again to my loves Ana and Pax for an amazing job! BU wouldn't be possible with you girls! I salute your hard work! 

 photo IMG_3603_zps5901f703.jpg

Well, that caps of another Bloggers United 6 bazaar for me!:) Thank you so much again to the ones who made it an awesome one for me. Much love! Till the next!

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  1. AVAAAAAA!!! It was nice to see you there! It was my first time going to such an event and I had fun! I guess I'll be seeing you around hehehe

  2. @RD Nice seeing you too!:) Hope to see more of you this coming 2014!


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