90s get up

by - December 29, 2013

Christmas is over and now everyone is busy preparing for the New Year. My family as well has been out and about most of the time, so you won't see me tweeting or blogging as much. But of course, I can't stop Instagram or outfit posts! I must squeeze these two into my time as much as possible or else I don't know what else to do with my social networks. =P

 photo IMG_2423_zps074a2e09.jpg
 photo IMG_2422_zpsc70f5391.jpg

And speaking of outfit posts, I must admit that I have been living in my pair of dirty white Birkenstock for a week now. Ever since I got them, I haven't fancied changing into my other pairs of shoes. I really don't know why, but I fell in love with them. Some call these "ugly" or the shoe equivalent of the loch ness monster. But for me, they look great and I'm glad this 90s trend is slowly creeping its way back into fashion!:) 

 photo IMG_2425_zpsd34f91cb.jpg
 photo IMG_2426_zpsce240b4d.jpg

Another 90s trend are tie front tops and choker necklaces. I actually got this top from my mom. She had it way back when I was little and for the necklace, I know it isn't a choker, but I think it's pretty close to one, so it was perfect to complete my 90s get up. :)

 photo IMG_2421_zps96a4a994.jpg

tie front top: mom's closet
white top: thread 365
necklace: concordia's love
bag: oilily
sandals: birkenstock

The 90s may be far behind us and years are just progressing. Hence, 2014. But I can't help but miss the 90s. The era that I grew up in and loved. I guess we can relive those good old days through our pictures, memories and fashion. :)

The next 90s fashion item that I wanna purchase are these rubber jelly sandals…

Yey or nay?:) I really want the white one. But its hard to find right now. Hopefully I can get one in my size!:)

How about you? What era or time do you miss the most?:) 

Anyhoo, i'll try my best to blog as much as I can. Usually I blog two in a day! hehe. I feel bad for skipping 3 days already. =P But I'm excited for the new year, so let's start the countdown! 3 more days!!

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  1. Those shoes are my childhood! <3 <3 Hihi. Love your top, Ms. Ava! Happy new year!

    Ysabel of Pleasantly Chic

  2. i saw kylie jenner wearing those rubber sandals. when did you get your birks and where? me and ana have been wanting to get ourselves a pair for awhile now but theyre so bloody expensive na! emphasis on bloody. hahaha. i think the one we wanted was 5k?

  3. I love your 90's outfit Ava! lalo na yung sandals!! and oh my gossshhh.. I want those jelly sandals too!! :D

  4. Inggit ako, ang sexy sexy mo lagi! :( You look so fresh!


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