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by - December 19, 2013

When I first learned about Pinkberry last year, it was pure bliss. I haven't had a new favourite yogurt place since then. Up to now it still is because of the perfect balance of tart and sweet in their yogurt. They also use real non-fat yogurt and real non-fat milk, so I'm sure they always provide fresh and healthy stuff. :)

 photo IMG_4117_zpsd3daf38c.jpg
 photo IMG_4112_zpseb14ed1e.jpg
 photo IMG_4108_zps157ea817.jpg
Someone can't wait for his chocolate frozen yogurt.. heehee. :")

I'm a huge fan of Pinkberry's chocolate flavour with toasted almonds. I can just eat it all day! I've been wanting to take home a pint with me, which i'll be doing real soon. Though, it's gonna be hard to shoo off my family feeling selfish since it's Christmas. I'd have to share my chocolate pint… noooo! Haha!:)) Kidding! Of course, i'll share!^_^ 

But did you know, Pinkberry offers over 30 thoughtfully selected premium toppings? They're categorized as DRY, FRUIT, LUXE and LIQUID. :) Their fruits are never canned, frozen or sitting in water. Just pure excellent quality!

 photo pb1_zps690c4b3b.jpg
 photo pb2_zps56354005.jpg
What's your cup size? Heeee. =P I see a chocolate pint!!

Aside from their frozen yogurt, they also offer fruit parfaits, fruit bowls, smoothies and waffle cookie sandwiches. Nomnomnom!!

They have so much to offer on their menu and together with my fellow blog friends, I got the pleasure of trying every single thing out. Yes, you read it right! EVERY.SINGLE.THING. Whether that be frozen yogurt, smoothie, cone, waffle cookie, we tried it! But before that, we were tested on how well we knew Pinkberry...

 photo IMG_4110_zps7c08ec95.jpg
Summa cum laudes of Pinkberry haha!:)

Proud to say that my love Christine and I aced it! First to submit our paper and got a perfect score! Now that's awesome teamwork, right?;) We got Pinkberry GCs as our prize…woot!:)

Now, on to the yogurt and smoothie buffet!

 photo IMG_4109_zps5508d896.jpg
Strawberry and Kiwi smoothie :)
 photo IMG_4119_zps2e10034e.jpg
Peanut Butter offerings
 photo IMG_4120_zps61ef351a.jpg
Taste test!

We actually got to try 4 smoothies, but I only got to take a photo of the Strawberry + Kiwi. I was never a fan of strawberry and kiwi, but I really like the mix of this one. :)

Next up, we got to try the newest offering of 2013, which is the Peanut Butter Pinkberry and again we were tested to know which toppings were given to us. :) 

 photo IMG_4111_zps610983ea.jpg
our awesome placemat!

Above are some of the suggest toppings for Peanut Butter. My top two picks are Peanut Butter & Jelly cos its like the classic PB&J and then, Peanut Brittle. Mind you, this flavour really tastes like peanut butter, so prepare to relive your childhood! Sooo good!

They also have this in smoothies; Chocolate Peanut Butter and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip. :)

This December, Pinkberry Philippines turns 2 years old and with that, they're bring back a crowd favourite for their 2nd anniversary and the holiday season: Salted Caramel Pinkberry. Can I hear a merry cheer from the fans out there?;)

 photo IMG_4121_zps93d74e9b.jpg

And yes, we had another buffet laid out for the Salted Caramel to checkout what toppings go best and my top pick would have to be Salted Caramel + Bananas + Dark Chocolate Crisps + Caramel. It's good! But in my opinion, no need for the caramel syrup anymore. Oh and for the other 2 flavours; Salted Caramel + Sea Salt + Caramel + Crispy Crepes and Salted Caramel + Shaved Milk Chocolate + Toasted Almonds + Sea Salt, I suggest that you eliminate the sea salt. It's kinda salty. But all in all, good!:)

Aside from eating yogurt non-stop, we also got to do something exciting and that's to swirl our very own frozen yogurt on Salted Caramel Cones. ^_^

 photo IMG_4122_zps98b7d042.jpg
scared to swirl!
 photo IMG_4123_zpsb42944ac.jpg

Truth be told, I am not meant to serve frozen yogurt or any ice cream for that matter. I have no swirling skills!! *cries!* :'''((( haha! But congratulations to my partner Christine for perfecting the swirl! Such a PRO! *applause applause* :) Can you sense that our team is competitive? hehe!

BTW, Pinkberry has ongoing and future promos!

 photo IMG_4124_zps9e836956.jpg
ball drop game!:)
 photo IMG_4127_zpse0ee9e0d.jpg
Modelling our chilly bliss bag!;) 

  1. When you complete your frequency card from today until January 3, 2014 you can get a medium chocolate yogurt with toppings or a Php 100 off on a chilly bliss bag with a Php 50 donation to relief operations for typhoon Yolanda. :)
  2. Buy any 2 salted caramel products from today till December 20 and get the chance to play their ball drop game. Which is a win-win situation no matter where the ball falls. ;)
  3. From December 21, 2013-Jan. 3, 2014, you can play the game and win a prize by purchasing any 2 smoothies/shakes.
  4. You can share the Pinkberry goodness this holiday season with their GCs. You can buy these at any Pinkberry store.

Sweet treat, right??:)

 photo IMG_4126_zpsfe3f88f5.jpg
 photo IMG_4125_zps73b1ee3a.jpg
My Peanut Butter Pinkberry with Strawberry+Kiwi+Toasted Almonds. Try it!:)

And that ends my super awesome yogurt and smoothie buffet with the girls!:) If you haven't heard or tasted Pinkberry yet, you better stop missing out and head to GB5, ATC, SM Aura and Power Plant Mall, Rockwell! They have 5 branches, so goooo!:)

You can also visit their online sites:

Have a refreshing week ahead, everyone!!


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  1. Woot!! Loved this event! Intimate get togethers are always & forever better than big parties. More more bonding for us! See you soon babe. :*


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