Brothers for life

by - December 18, 2013

When I found out that I was pregnant with boys (Athan in 2008 and Asher in 2012), I got frustrated on both occasion. I don't want to sound off as a bad mother. I mean, for all the mommies out there, I'm sure you wished you had a boy or a girl one point in your ultrasound. But of course, once they came out, I feel in love and wouldn't want them any other way. :) So now, I'm pretty much gonna talk about why I love having two boys. ^_^

So, yes, one of the reasons why I love having two boys is that I get to dress them up alike!:) They may not be twins, but I can still dress them up and thankfully, they both allow me…for now that is. =P

 photo IMG_2334_zps1800fb0f.jpg

Athan and Asher: SM Kids Fashion

Just like Asher's birthday last November 30, I dressed them both in cute polos, denim pants, sneakers and cute matching bow ties!

 photo 1455970_10153529180055442_1936732307_n_zps41d5c739.jpg

And the nice thing about their outfit is, I never have a hard time finding clothes for them. I usually get it from SM Kids Fashion and they have everything you would need for your infants, toddlers and pre-teens all in one floor. :) Reason why both Athan and Asher are in SM Kids Fashion for head to foot!:) 

Obviously I really like shopping in one place for the kids. I don't like having to rush from one floor to another. or mall for that matter. It's tiring. -_- So, thank you SM for having it all for us! Hehe!

Hope you like this segment of the boys OTD!


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  1. You have cute, adorable sons! God bless your family! :)

    ☆ Pleasantly Chic ☆

    Join my blog holiday giveaway here!

  2. Sooo cute your two boys!!! :) Tita Arnie misses playing with them na! ♥ And of course I miss you din Avaaa :)


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