A splash of colours in Converse S/S'14!

by - February 16, 2014

Colours, how much do I love thee? I guess you all pretty much know how much of a colour-freak I am. If you don't, then you haven't been reading my blog!! *insert crying emoticon here* :((( I kid! But seriously, I love colours and when I got invited to the press preview of the Spring 2014 collection of Converse, you can bet that I went!:) Spring and summer means happy hues, so I know I just had to see it first. :)

The press preview was held at the Converse office over at Ortigas and it was so cool that the first thing I saw was their wall of History. Converse has been around for decades and it's so awesome that until now it's still considered by fashionistas as one of the best sneakers to use and strut during OOTD. :)

When I got inside the venue, I was surprised with the three awesome sides of Converse, which the Brand Marketing Manager of Converse Asia Pacific, Jason Lam fondly called as the HEART, MIND and BODY of Chuck Taylor. :)

And of course, you guessed it! My favourite part was the first area I went to; the HEART!

Chuck Taylor All Star '70 and Chuck Taylor All Star Tri-Panel

The place was interactive. It had this spot where we could just shoot out paint on some shirts. It was liberating to add colour to plain things. I'm sure you guys share the same feeling. =P Rebels! 

The "artsy" or heart of converse features the Chuck Taylor All Star Platform Plus, Chuck Taylor All Star '70, Chuck Taylor All Star Tie-Dye and Chuck Taylor All Star Tri-Panel. :)

Chuck Taylor All Star Platform Plus
Chuck Taylor All Star Tie-Dye
New apparels!!

This collection has definitely exciting new patterns, colours and silhouettes for Spring. If you're into a little height, then the Platform Plus is for you The Chuck Taylor All Star '70 returns the six core colours, high top and low-top styles, and features a reinforced double-layered canvas upper and comfort sock liner. 

The Tie-Dye celebrates colour to the fullest, displaying an explosion of colour in high top and low-top styles. New marbleised tie-dyes in bright colours are seen throughout the collection for a vibrant festival-going look. Finally, if you're into colour-blocking, then you'd like the Tri-Panel. :)

Obviously, this collection is the heart, because of all the"artsy" stuff going on, the explosion of colours reflecting excitement and mood. And when you do art, I believe you put your heart into it.

Before checking out the next area, I stopped by the food table and took obligatory photos with the people I knew there.

The food was just as festive as the sneakers! How cute, right??:) The All Star cupcakes were my favourite! They were actually too cute to eat! Ahhh!>_< Dessert buffet!

I also got the chance to take a photo with the beautiful Divine Lee!:) I was so flattered when she said that she actually remembered me!^_^ I was happy too see my love Arnie as well! I had twice the fun looking at the new collection of Converse with her. :)

So the next area I checked out was the BODY of Chuck Taylor. The All Star CONS Star Player, CONS Star Player Plus, CONS Star Player Skate, CONS Trapasso Pro II and CONS KA- II.

Jason Lam 

 The All-New Converse CONS Star Player Skate Introduces A New Twist On The Iconic Silhouette. This collection embodies the skateboarding kids and people who want the freedom to move. Hence, it's called the BODY. They're not only really cool and stylish kicks, but they also keep up with your lifestyle through extra cushioning for optimum support and comfort. Additional details include CONS traction rubber fused with the flex rubber cup sole for increased board grip.

And finally, but not the least! Converse debuts everyday essentials for Spring 2014 through Jack Purcell.

The Converse Jack Purcell Sneaker collections brings to life seasonless quality and clean design heritage. The JP is the MIND or what Jason Lam called as the thinker. It comes up with the endless possibilities and it doesn't settle for less.

The collection pretty much shows that, because they have the Jack Purcell Tortoise Leather Jack, Jack Purcell Tortoise Twill, Jack Purcell Post Applied, Jack Purcell Pocket Square Jack and Jack Purcell Jeffrey. All of which have unique features to them like nubuck leather, Soft Twill, full-leather midsole and a versatile footwear for any summer adventure!

Hands down, I absolutely love the Spring Summer 2014 collection of Converse. I'm actually already pondering on which pair I should get; The Tie-Dye or Jack Purcell Tortoise Leather Jack? What do you guys think?:)

Before leaving, Arnie and I just had to try the tie-dye booth. We were taught how to tie-dye shoelaces and it was soooo cool! They even gave us our own kit! I can't wait to do the same thing with the canvas bag. :)

I had a great time at the Press Preview. It was beyond my expectations and it was really fun! When I picked out my outfit for the event, I didn't imagine that it would in fact match the theme!:) It was so unexpected, but I love it!

Obligatory photo of my tie-dye pants and neon shoreline converse! Matchy-matchy, right?;)

If you like the new collection as much as I do, you can check them out here:


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