Classic Royalty

by - February 19, 2014

When it comes to dressing up, I can say that it takes me quite awhile to pick out what I want to wear. Though, it doesn't only stop there, because I always try to find the perfect accessories to go with it and being a girl, I guess I often go for an overall look that is comfortable, but at the same time something that would make people notice. Which is why when I have a plain ensemble, I go for accessories that can speak for itself or would complete my outfit of the day. :)

When it comes to accessorising, I have the knack for mixing quirky with classic pieces and just recently, I added a new rock into that mix. 

I love online shopping and I must confess that Zalora has taken a toll on me when it comes to that. I've shopped there quite a few times already. This is the true Confessions of a shopaholic...I can't help it! Why? It's easy to access, has a fast delivery time (3 to 5 days, tops!), multiple payment methods, and now they have widened their selection of accessories by adding this well-loved homegrown brand, Panopio. Just by looking at it, you know it isn't ordinary. There's something special about it. :)

How can I say "NO" to something like this? It makes me feel like a queen or a princess, without going over the top. I suppose that's why they called the collection, "Classic Royalty"… just one glance and it confirms the title. :)

Another reason why I'm in love with this ring is because it's my favourite colour. Did you know that the Amethyst gemstone is one of the most prized in the world because of its beauty and inherent powers. Seduction, wisdom, inspiration and healing are just some of the traits attributed to Amethysts.

And just by wearing this ring, it makes make feel I can emulate all those above and I hope I do, since I've been quite sad lately. I need more inspiration and healing!:)
If you love Panopio as much I do, you can now check them out at Zalora! Happy shopping!



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  1. I didnt know about that on Amethyst gemstone! And thats a very lovely ring :) I havent checked zalora in awhile! Will do soon!


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