Chi-Chie's Restobar and Grill now open!

by - February 11, 2014

If you're the type who hangs out a lot at Kapitolyo, then you'd be happy to know that there's a new joint that you can hangout from day till night called Chi-Chie's Restobar and Grill. :)

Chi-Chie's is a two floor dining place that offers more of Filipino cuisine when it comes to food. It also has Karaoke, a Bar, air-conditioned dining area and alfresco as well for people who want to enjoy a bit of the outdoor.

What I like about the restaurant is that it's pretty clean and I like the modern interior. It has a classy feel to it for a Restobar and Grill. The comfort room was exceptionally clean as well and I was impressed by that since not most restaurants have spotless CR's.

And now for the food! We got to try 12 items from the menu and we started out with these appetizers.

Salt & Pepper Squid | Gambas

Beef Nachos

The Salt and pepper squid was good, although it was a bit too spicy for me. The Nachos was quite delicious. It had a lot of beef and cheese to satisfy your starter cravings. :)

The hungry bunch of bloggers that we are, we also had Adobong KangKong and Garlic Mushrooms.

Chi-Chie's actually serves only few veggie dishes, but I really enjoyed these two. The KangKong was fresh and crunchy with every bite and the Garlic Mushrooms was flavourful. I can actually eat these two as a main course. Well, if you're into veggies that is. :) 

And speaking of main course, that's next up!

Before diving into our meals, we actually got served some Kansi a.k.a. Ilonggo Bulalo. It's sooo good! It's not your typical mix. I had two cups of this and I actually wanted more!>_< 

You can ask the waiters for this and they'll gladly refill your cup. :) It's perfect on your plain rice! YUM!

Pork Barbecue was good! Everyone wanted a bite out of this and sadly, I only got a tiny piece and then it was gone, just like that! I suggest ordering two plates if you're more than 7!

Boneless Bangus


 I'm not a fan of Tuna Belly/Panga and Boneless Bangus so I was hesitant to try them. Truth be told, I skipped on the Panga. The Boneless Bangus, however was love. Even when it was almost gone, I still kept digging in, hoping to get some more meat.

Another favourite of mine was the Nilasing na Hipon and Salpicao.

I liked how crispy and crunchy the shrimps were. They're certainly best with the vinegar. I attempted once not to dip it and it felt wrong. Definitely goes together. 

Oh and the Salpicao was such a hit with me. It has got to be my favourite from all the dishes that we had. I love how the meat wasn't tough to chew on and it even had garlic mushrooms that I liked. Just perfect!

Last was the Kalderetang Kambing.

Kalderetang Kambing

I have never eaten goat's meat before and when I tasted it for the first time, it wasn't bad at all. :) I liked it. I even poured the sauce on my rice. ^_^

The food at Chi-Chie's is not only good but affordable as well. You'd definitely enjoy this place with your friends and you wouldn't even have to worry about your budget. Just good food and a fun time.

They also have unlimited Margarita and Mojito for only Php 250, so be sure to try that out! They're open till 3:00 in the morning. But If you're not the night type of person, don't worry cos Chi-Chie's opens as early as 11AM and you can already have lunch out with your family, friends or co-workers here. :)

51-A East Capitol Drive, kapitolyo Pasig


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