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by - February 24, 2014

If you have your very own Instax camera, you'd probably understand the annoying feeling of not being able to capture the photo you wanted to, because you either made a mistake or it had bad lighting. I for one am guilty of this. If only I could reprint the photo again or I had a gazillion films so I wouldn't feel bad. Hahaha!=P But seriously, don't you wish you can just print films out in an instant? like how an Instax camera does, only you get to choose how the photo comes out?

Well, you'll be super duper glad to know that FujiFilm has done it again and created something wonderful for all of us who just love Instax so much. ^_^

Presenting the instax SHARE Smartphone Printer SP-1!:) You just download the INSTAX SHARE App on the App Store for Apple or Google Play for android and you're all set! This printer enables easy creation of instax prints using images sent wirelessly from your smartphone!:) How amazing, right??

The app offers various features such as image enlargement/reduction and filters like black & white/sepia. A diverse lineup of templates is also available, making photo printing more enjoyable. 

On Tin's phone--it's pointing out that we need to put in a new set of film cos it's all gone :)

While trying the instax Share printer out, I was so amazed at the fact that the app actually tells you how many films are still in the machine, when you need to refill it again and if you don't like how it was printed, you can REPRINT! Oh BTW, all the photos you see above all came from our phone! Printing of your taken photos is not only the option! You can also print artworks or online graphics as well!:) So cool!!
The SPR of the Instax SHARE Smartphone Printer SP-1 is Php 9,990.

Film size: 86mm x 54mm
Supported image size: 640 x 480 dots
Supported image format: JPEG
Printing time: Approximately 16 seconds
Power Supply: Two CR2/DL CR2 lithium batteries
AC power adapter (sold separately: AC-5VX)
Printing Capacity: Approximately 100 prints
Dimensions/Weight: 101.6mm x 42mm x 122.5mm/ 253g (without battery and film pack)

We had a workshop lined up for the latter part of the afternoon from Paper Blush and Alessandra Lanot of Life After Breakfast. But unfortunately I had class so I wasn't able to stay long. :(

I did however enjoy the printing frenzy over at our Nicki Minaj table!

Need I say more about this chaos??? I guess not! Haha!

In case you're wondering, Sharpie is a really awesome writing or decorating tool for your Instax films. :) I've been using this since I started taking photos on my Instax Mini 8 and I love it!:) I'm sure you'll enjoy it as much. ^_^

I had so much fun at the launch and I'm sure it's pretty obvious! FujiFilm is truly a genius!

I'm not quite sure if the Instax Share printer is already out in respective FujiFilm stores, but as of February 12, FujiFilm  is already accepting pre-orders. :) Just go to their FB page for more details!


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  1. omg. This is a photo enthusiast must have! Im jealous!

  2. This is a good way accessory for the instax. Too bad I don't have one yet... But I'm def putting it in my wishlist! :D


  3. waaaaah so cooooool! I want one!!!! I remember having photos from a polaroid camera and it has this distinctive quality about it that fascinates me. I guess its how you really need to compose your shot first or just have fun with it since the films has a certain value to it. BUT it does last for a long time. I think I still have some polaroid photos that is still in good quality. LOL its around 14 years old. :)) I'd love to get my hands on one of those too and try it!


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