Singapore Airlines Next Generation Seats Showcase

by - February 26, 2014

When it comes to traveling, we all know how tiring it can be since we're far away from home and we have so many other things in mind. Plus, if you're traveling far, you have to stay on the plane for hours. You want an airline to make air travel more comfortable and hassle-free. 

Now you can enjoy flying abroad, because Singapore Airlines has unveiled its new First, Business and Economy class cabin products at a unique showcase last Friday at Glorietta 2's Activity Center. :)

Mr. Philip Goh & Ranjan Jha (SIA's General Manager for the Philippines)

"We have been investing heavily in our aircraft, products and services. We've brought in the next generation seats for everyone to try before they fly. These new cabins are the result of more than two years' worth of efforts and we are proud of the feedback that we are getting so far"- Mr. Philip Goh (SIA's Regional VP for Southeast Asia)

Setting the new industry standard for premium air travel, Singapore Airline has made significant innovations in its cabin designs in collaboration with world renowned design companies.

And without having to travel the airport, I was able to experience first-hand the comfort and innovative design of SIA's Next Generation Cabins.

 The New Business Class seats are designed together with James Park Associates, which now sport a more contemporary design with a curvaceous shell, metallic colors, and luxurious soft furnishings. The New Business Class seats are still the widest in the sky, featuring greater recline with new seating positions and an all-in-one business panel. Similar to the New First Class, the New Business Class also has varying lighting options to suit every passenger’s mood.

 Athan was totally digging every seat/cabin we were going to. He actually didn't want to leave anymore! But of course I had to force him cos there were other people in line who wanted to have a go as well. 

But I suppose, it's obvious to say what his favourite cabin is…

The New First Class has been designed together with BMW Group DesignWorks, and the new seats and beddings have been restyled with exquisite details that transform into a more exclusive experience.  The New First Class boasts of a personal 24-inch LCD screens, longer and wider seats, padded headboards and an additional mattress layer. Lights on each side of the seat have three different intensities of lighting to suit different passengers’ needs at varying positions in both seat and bed modes.

And how can you not love it? It's as good as lounging on your bed! Just look at Athan! He was actually catching a glimpse of the movie EPIC! There. =P

And last but certainly not the least, the Economy Class…

The New Economy Class is more comfortable than ever with more knee and leg room, a unique and moveable headrest, plush seat cushions featuring bolstered sides for increased sitting comfort and in-seat power supply to charge and connect personal devices.

It got me thinking while seeing Athan try out the seats/cabin that if a child (who often gets easily agitated during flights) already loves the comfort of SIA's new generation seats, then I'm sure us adults would too! And believe me, I tried it myself and it makes me want to go abroad now!

But the fun doesn't stop there! SIA has a treat for all Filipinos who wish to fly via Singapore Airlines.

Under the Singapore Airlines Exceptional Value All-in Fares promotion, the airline is offering roundtrip economy class tickets to various destinations within its wide network, including fares that start from only USD 150 to Singapore and USD 888 to 12 cities in Europe among others. 

A lot of people inquired about this during the event. There was a long queue. So, if you have any plans of traveling, especially to Singapore, now's the time to book!:) I'm sure you'll get to save and you get to try the new seats of SIA as well!

 These exceptional, all-in value fare offers are available until February 28, and travel period is from now until October 31, 2014For more details on the Singapore Airlines Showcase and all-in value fare offers, visit


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  1. I've flied with Singapore Airlines before, and I love their service. Nothing special about the food since we flew economy, but the whole flight was comfy nonetheless. :)

  2. OMG! This is really cool! Ang sarap ng byahe pag ganito lahat ng airplanes natin. hihihi :)

  3. Ooh! I'd love to try their new spacious seats! Perfect time this summer!

  4. I feel bummed about not booking the $150 for Singapore.. Because initially I thought it was only offered to BPI Credit Card holders.


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