Food Tripping taken to the next level!

by - April 05, 2014

Two years ago, I've been hearing a lot of raves and comments about food markets like Mercato and the foodie that I am (don't be fooled by the skeleton-like figure), I got really curious about it and ever since then, I've had "Try out food bazaars" on my Bucket List. I did however get the chance to try out Food Trucks at Capitol Commons last year. But of course, I still want to achieve my Bucket List, so when I got invited to attend the Cucina Andare launch, I knew I just had to go with my friends. :)

Cucina Andare's new location at the roof deck of Glorietta the Link Car Park building is the new favourite hangout for all foodies out there. If you're wondering where the Link is, it's near Glorietta 3 and it's the building beside Makati Shangri-la and in front of the Landmark Department Store. Situated with a grand view of the Makati skyline, Cucina Andare is the newest venue for delicious food finds. Cucina Andare is part of the Mercato Centrale Group's growing number of food markets all over the metro.

While I was going around the different food tents, I noticed how big the servings were and how you, your friends or your family will surely have an awesome food tripping time here. 

The food looks freshly cooked, yummy and you have a complete meal from drinks, appetisers, main course and dessert!:) It's all here!

Since the heat is so extreme nowadays, I really like the new location of Cucina Andare. They being on the roof deck now is just perfect. You have a stunning view of the buildings of Makati at night and at the same time, it's just windy/breezy when you're really up high. :)

The price of the food there is alright. You can already get a rice meal for only Php 100. :) My favourite was the Nachos. It had so much toppings and I loved that so much!:) We also got to try some sisig and BBQ and they were good as well.

Aside from the awesome line up of food vendors, the Mercato Centrale Group also brought the creative group of Vinyl on Vinyl, who merges art, toys and music, featured in a modern gallery which highlights pop culture artists from contemporary art, underground and street art.

I heard they also brought entertainment from Radio Republic and the line-up consisted of Inky de Dios, The Slinks, Steady Machine and Kjwan. Too bad I wasn't able to catch them while I was there. :(

I found these super duper cute that I can't help but buy some. Athan wanted the gun soap and I got a tiny dinosaur one. While looking at these, I think the owner saw that Athan and I were so amazed by them that she gave us a free dinosaur soap along with our purchase. So sweet! Thank you! She also customizes and does party favours, so if you want, try out THINK BATH!:)

This is my kind of scene; food, art and music all in one place!:) 

Cucina Andare boats great food, music & art in its new home atop the Link Glorietta structure. The food, music & art market is open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 4PM to 3AM.

I'm definitely going back here again. Thinking of taking the Hubby here for a date!:) Perfect spot for a chill out secret rooftop escape, right?;) Do drop by as well!

For interested vendors who want to join Cucina Andare, please call 0917-840-1151 or email them at: :)


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  1. OMG!! Daming foooods!!! hihihihi :D parang banchetto lang :D gusto ko yung painting keme!!! OMG!! Where can I find them?? :D

  2. Oh my - food heaven! I got invited by my friend Rachelle, Mrs. Awesomeplanet, heehee... but I rarely attend during those hours. Major food tripping ito and I am sure I'd enjoy it coz I am a foodie at heart! Hope I can visit next time.

  3. they transferred na pala. wow 4pm open na sila. yey! excited to try this :)

  4. Nakakagutom un food! :)))) the arts are amazing too! nice place.. :)


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