Happy 2nd Birthday, Zalora!:)

by - April 11, 2014

If you've been shopping at Zalora lately, you probably know that they already turned two years old this year and since that time, they have been busy coming up with promos and discounts cos of it. But the best of all those is that they have put up a Zalora Pop-up Shop at the Glorietta Activity Center as a part of their celebration. It officially opened today and they'll be there till April 13!:)

I myself dropped by today to support three of my blog friends who are a part of Zalora's style exhibition  and of course, the other reason is to shop and avail the 50% off sale on my favourite brands! Let's not for get the latter! Hehe!;)
from Zalora's Twitter :)

The whole activity center is filled with racks and racks of clothes, shoes, bags and accessories from brands like Celine, Plains & Prints, Halo, Imono, Ezra, Rebecca Minkoff and more great brands. 

If you want something that isn't at the online store, you can still check it out via the Zalora app on your mobile or at the iPad and laptops at the Pop-up Shop as well. If you download the new Zalora app on your own device from April 10-13, you automatically get 20% Off on your order when you purchase via the iOS app only. :) So, download now!

The blog friends, David Guison, Aisa Ipac and Angela Nepomuceno were also there awhile ago to show us the different looks they came up with that is perfect for summer. Don't you just love what they styled?:)

They also talked about what they love about Zalora and like them, I love it because it's accessible, it offers various modes of payment and they have a lot of the brands I like. :)

In case you're wondering how the Pop-up shop goes, let me give you a quick 411 about it. 

First, you go around the racks and then, you look for your size. Each shelf or rack has a size poster, so you won't have a hard time searching for your shoe or clothing size. Great, right?:)

Just don't get too distracted with how pretty and handsome the models are, okay?;) hehe! 

Next, you start raiding those racks!

The clothes are really pocket-friendly. Price ranges from Php 300-500. I actually got a lace blouse for only Php 300 and a metallic origami skirt for Php 400!:)

Bags from Ezra and more :)

Aside from the women and men's section, there's also a little area for the kiddos who love sneakers. Aren't those New Balance kicks the cutest??^_^ I want one for Athan. They also have Halo cases for your gadgets. :)

Shopping can be quite tiring on your IQ and EQ, so take a break every 5 minutes and mingle with your friends!

With the Zalora bloggers!:)  

Can you spot Athan's new Daddy?? Hahaha! Kidding! Hi David!=P

With the ever hard working Ed!:) Congrats, love with today's success!

And now back to shopping!

If you want to splurge a bit more, they have designer items from the Rebecca Minkoff collection. 

I want the bags! If only I had more moolah with me awhile ago, I would have snagged that mint colored handbag!

And finally, this is where I totally lost control of my EQ! Everything is half the price!!>_<

There are 12 back-to-back racks of shoes at the Zalora Pop-up Shop and I had quite a few pairs that I wanted to take home with me. All so pretty! But if you ask me, my favourite brands would be Vida and Ezra. :)

Finally, once you're done picking out what you like from the shelves, proceed to the Zalora counter to pay. 

Easy, right?:) It's all about having fun!

I know, I sure had a great time. I got four items that would normally total to more than Php 3000. But at today at the Zalora Pop-up shop, I only got them for Php 1500!^_^ Happy girl! It was worth it!

Happy 2 years, Zalora Philippines!

I won't post too much pictures on what you'll see at the Pop-up shop. I want to give you guys a little suspense cos I'm sure by now, you've probably seen someone you know or your friends posting about their experience. Don't be left out and drop by tomorrow until Sunday!

Get spotted: Dress to impress and win prizes, plus a chance to be featured as Zalora's OOTD! Also, Freebies: Register to Globe GoSURF and get free Spotify and a freebie from Globe. :)

There's just so much to look forward to! 

Zalora Pop-Up Shop at The Glorietta Activity Center


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