Counting the days ahead

by - April 13, 2014

When it comes to summer hues, I think I've always been attracted to green and blue. It reminds me of lush green trees and blue for fresh running water. I guess that explains why I'm inclined pairing blue and green together. :) 

Speaking of pairing, I absolutely love the lace collard blouse and polkadot semi-high waist pants I got from Paperdolls. A lot of people may go for shorts and tank tops during the summer, but if you want to be a bit more dressy, you can go for this kind of style or any pants and blouse that has bright colours and fun prints!

 photo IMG_2615_zpse1f22667.jpg
 photo IMG_2614_zpsf5088eae.jpg
 photo IMG_2618_zpsf98a6ca6.jpg

blouse & pants: paperdolls
heels: suiteblanco
necklace: pym jewellery
sunnies: rayban clubmaster

Only 3 days left till I'm officially off school and I can't wait to go on a much deserved summer break. My groupmates and I have been revising so many papers that it's giving me a headache. >_< I just really hope after this week that everything will fall into place and we pass with flying colours. 

Aside from my school break, I'm also excited for my 25th Birthday. That's 8 days away and I'm hoping to have a happy celebration, despite it being a Monday. :)

Anyhoo, I hope you all are having a nice weekend so far. I know, I am! Wishing you guys a great week ahead and I leave you with a quote below to hopefully inspire you throughout the day!


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  1. Miss you love!! Great outfit! :) Love talaga the collection of Paper Dolls!

  2. Love this ensemble! Very chic and preppy, plus the colors are very refreshing. :)

  3. Love your outfit! I'm not into shorts and dress, I prefer pants. :) I'm loving the pants. You gave me an idea on how to carry the polka dots! Paperdolls on the list na! :)


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