Manila Sundance the second time around

by - April 20, 2014

This entry is already loooooong overdue, like a month to be exact. But I just didn't get the time to blog about it cos I had so much backlogs, then I had to focus on school due to our project revisions and finals. To simply put it, I was busy. :( I'm not anymore though!!:)

When the first ever Manila Sundance Bazaar happened, I was so happy to be a part of it. There were so many nice things to shop for and look at. No doubt that it was a successful event. Main reason why, come their second time to have the MSB, I was honoured that they wanted me to be a part to it again. This time, I had a booth with my fellow bloggers. :)

Since the bazaar was held last March, the theme was summer and they had a mini beach set-up. :)

The bazaar lasted 3 days, so good thing I had my girls Ana and Arnie for my boothmates!

I wouldn't have survived the long hours without their company!:) Thanks girls!

If there's one bittersweet part in manning your booth at Bazaars, that would be the non-stop eating. I swear, the buying and eating just never stops!

Bitter cos almost half of the money you earn from the bazaar kinda goes to food and sweet, because the food is just soooo good, so you can't help it!-_-

I also went to visit my really good online store friends!:)

With the owner of Little Nook and one of the nicest person online and offline! Thanks for everything, Geline!

With the Owner of Paradise Treats, Pat Chua!:) I super love her summer dresses! You have to check it out. Cute prints and I especially adore the ruffled hem dresses. :) Thanks for always being so thoughtful, Pat! Oh BTW, I have a giveaway ongoing from Paradise Treats! Be sure to join!^_^

Also saw my good friends Denise and Bella who both have the best booth in the whole bazaar! As in best booth award!!!:) Such talented entrepreneurs and moms too!:)

Visit their online stores: Simone's Closet and Lesmoda :)

top and vest from Little Nook :)

My Day 2 outfit during the bazaar and hi Marika!!:) hehe! One of the hardworking and awesome organiser of MSB!

Sunnies from Lesmoda :)

Come last day of the bazaar, I just had to be a little vain and take a picture near my poster. =P 

My twin Megann also dropped by during the bazaar! She's also a MSB blogger. :) 

And I got surprised by my BFF Nickie and Lester too!:) Love ya both! Thank you for visiting me! You both are always so thoughtful!

Finally pack up!:) Thank you so much to the people who dropped by our booth. This may be a bit late, but I really appreciate it!:) Hoping to see you all again on my upcoming bazaars this May 2014!:)

See you and thanks again, MSB!

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  1. I never even knew about this and for sure will be on the lookout for the next Manila Sundance Bazaar.

  2. I love your jelly shoes, perfect for the summer!


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