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by - May 22, 2014

Before, I never thought I would ever find myself selling in a bazaar. I would always be the looker or shopper, but never the seller. I have to thank Bloggers United for opening the bazaarista life for me and I'm sure quite a few people started loving pre-loved items too, because of it. :) 

Last Bloggers United was my 7th time to join and it was really fun. I had a lot of new experiences and one of them was learning about OLX. I'm sure you might be thinking, what's so interesting about it? Well, for a bazaarista or seller like me, it's really helpful. Because, let's all admit it, there are times that we sell so much at bazaars, but there will always be some stuff left and eventually, those can clutter your space or just accumulate dust. 

For me, it's important that I have enough space at home, so that I can work in peace and that my kids have the freedom to move around. Decluttering is the only solution for this and whenever my unused stuff at home just sits there and gets dirty, it makes me feel sad. It'll end up old without anyone even benefiting from it. So, when OLX came into the picture, I thought it was timely and perfect! Whatever I don't get to sell at the bazaar, I can do it online until I sell again at another bazaar!

Just like the trinkets and phone cases I have above. I still have quite a few stocks left, so I figured these would be great to sell online via OLX. The prices are pocket friendly too!

Selling online is a great way to earn cash. You just need to take a clear photo of your product, answer inquiries via computer and items can be brought to the buyers through Cash on Delivery. :) Talk about convenience and getting your money's worth!

I'm cleaning up my space and Yesss, Yaman ko pa!:) Love it! You too can join!

Just visit the OLX website and find out how you can start earning by selling your pre-loved items. :)



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