Mommy afternoon with Ban kee Trading Inc.

by - May 27, 2014

Growing up as a child, I could say that I was able to enjoy a lot of different toy brands. I had Barbie, Little Tikes, Sylvanian Families and many more. It was a great childhood and I enjoyed it a lot. After two decades, I'm happy that I can still see those awesome toys that I grew up with. Most especially now that I have my own kids, I wanna give them the best toys that will make them enjoy their childhood, but of course I want it to be educational as well. :)

Two weeks ago, I attended a Mommy event for Ban kee Trading Inc. at Cravings, Shangri-La Mall. 

Ban kee Trading is a leading distributor of toys and baby products in the Philippines. Ban Kee currently  represents companies such as TOMY, INTEX, GRACO Children products, The First Years, Bandai, Zhuzhu pets, Chuggington, and Speed Stacks toy line.

Ban Kee also handles the toy brands above and it's surprising that their company handles almost ALL the toy brands! Amazing!:) These are almost all the toy/baby brands that my kids have and play with. :) Oh and me as well, when I was still a kid!^_^ Oh my childhood days!

Aside from handling most of the toys and baby products in the Philippines, Ban Kee Trading Inc. also takes pride in having lab tested/safe and educational products. I can attest to the safety and educational factor of their products, because my kids use them and I can only give praises to Ban Kee for always providing the best and latest toys.

We were also served a yummy lunch while learning more about Ban Kee Trading and their products. :)

Happy that I also got to see one of my favourite Mommy friends--Mommy Jen!:)

And now, the fun part! After the Mommies and Kiddos learned about Ban Kee and its products, we were able to try out some of them!:)

Athan and I really like the Leap Frog Reader. Since he's moving up to Kinder 2 this coming June, we've been really working on his reading skills and the Leap Frog Reader makes it so much easier for him to learn even without our help. :)

It's great that we have this at home as well, because Athan got hooked!

Whenever I see LaLaLoopsy, I always say that if I were still a little girl, I'd definitely love to have a lot of these dolls! They're just so cute!

The LaLaLoopsy LaLa Oopsie Mermaid Doll is the cutest! Bubbles come out of its hair when you squeeze it!:) The kids were so amazed by this. Athan, however, was attached to the little octopus accessory that came with this doll. =P

Last, but definitely not the least, was to test the Cra-Z-Loom!:)

Photo from Mommy Jen. :)
This was so much fun! I've always wanted to make my own bracelet. But I never got the chance cos I thought it seemed too difficult for me to learn. But I guess, the saying of "NEVER SAY NEVER" is correct, because I finally learned how to make my very own loom bracelet! I'm sure some of you, guys have already seen my creations on Instagram and I'm proud to say that Ban Kee Trading Inc. was the one who taught me my basics!:)

Athan also wanted one, so I made him a blue-orange themed one. :) This is a perfect activity with your kids!

You can find almost all the Ban Kee Trading Inc. toys or baby products at Toy Town. :)

Thank you, Monica of Absolutely Mommy and Ban Kee Trading Inc. for inviting me! My son and I had fun!:)

You can find more information and other Ban Kee products here: :)


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