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by - June 12, 2014

Whenever I hear or see 71 Gramercy on my Instagram and Facebook feed, I often see parties and drinking. Main reason why I immediately associate 71 Gramercy as a club and that makes me less likely to visit the place since I'm not big on clubs. It's just not my scene. Though I'm sure it's a great place to be and party.

But little did I know that they offered more than just a lounge. They actually offer dinning now and I got the privilege of trying out the awesome Degustation Modern by none other than the amazing Chef Carlo Miguel. :)

When I got in, all I could say was "Wow!" The place was so posh and quiet. No loud music to disrupt  you when chatting with a friend or loved one over dinner. I guess the fact that it was a private dinner for the media, contributed to the quiet atmosphere. But even so, I think it's still a great place to bring your special someone if you really want to have quality time with them. :)

For the dinner, we were given the Degustation Modern. There are actually two, one is what we had and there's a Classic version. Chef Carlo Miguel explained to us that the Classic version is most likely something that we ate growing up. :) But for the media night, the blogger friends and I had the modern one. :)

Cristina, Rhea, Yuki, Me and Keigh :)

It offered a six course meal and this is really available for any customer of 71 Gramercy dinning. The price for this is Php 1,880 and that's quite reasonable for a six course meal. All of us found ourselves getting full by the middle part. :)

If you're not into the Degustation, you can try their menu, which also has reasonable prices ranging from Php 150-980. 

If you fancy drinking while eating, they also have their signature cocktails by Tim Walters. I had the Luzon High cos I was interested in the Strawberry and Basil part. But my friend Marie also recommended the Loves Garden. :)

We were first served this, though I'm not sure what it's called, because it's not on the Degustation menu. But I believe it has prosciutto, grapes and mozzarella. This was a good start!

Next was Olive Oil Pouched Salmon. My favourite fish of all time is salmon and this one is the best salmon i've ever tasted. It looks raw on the outside, but it was cooked in the right temperature that makes it so tender. It's perfect!

This is the Crab Salad and I enjoyed mixing everything when I ate it. The avocado mousse and gazpacho sorbet are a great combination! If you love crab, you'll enjoy this. :)

Chef Carlo Miguel told us most people who like to eat fish would drink red wine. So, he picked out a fish that would go perfectly well with red wine. You now have this Sea Bass Fillet with red wine jus. I enjoyed this a lot. Especially the crispy skin!^_^ 

The Pork Spareribs was another fave of ours and we were surprised that the crumbs were made from Chorizo!:) The meat is tender and it melts in your mouth. 

The last one before dessert was the Duck Breast. I'm not big on duck. I almost never eat this, but I did like it. I finished both piece. But I just didn't like the fact that it was cooked in a rare or medium rare way, so I can still see a bit of blood. Though they say it's good for you!:)

Like I mentioned above, we were already getting full midway of our meal. But of course, there's always room for dessert or MORE dessert in this case, because Chef Carlo Miguel graciously served us not only Panna Cotta, but three other desserts!

The Panna Cotta was good! It actually has two kinds of sauce; salty caramel and pero ximenez reduction. The presentation of the sugar crystals is a work of art!:)

We were also served the LEGIT chocolate cake and this was LOVE! Gets better with every bite!:)

Every dessert was a piece of heaven!:) I don't recall eating this much dessert and nor do I recall loving dessert so much. :) Compliments to the chef!;)

Thank you so much to my hard working friend Marie and Chef Carlo Miguel for having me and my friends to try out the very palatable food!:) I will definitely go back soon!:)

So guys, if you're more into dinning than partying, no worries! 71 Gramercy now caters to both!:) 

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  1. Sad I missed this!!! Super wanna try out these dishes! :)

  2. I have not been to Gramercy the place looks so posh


  3. I thought also na it was a club, yon pala fine dining then :) thanks for sharing this


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