Banzai: The Great Authentic Japanese Buffet

by - June 13, 2014

Whenever I eat at buffets, there is one area that I would go to first and probably keep going back there for a good 30 minutes before I move on to the next cuisine. That area is the Japanese cuisine, where you would find the tempuras, sushi bar, miso soup and more. I'm a huge fan of Japanese food! But of course, the buffets we have here a mix of cuisines, so I have no choice but to try the others. 

My last buffet was during my birthday last April. Its been awhile, so when Beb Ana invited me to try out Banzai: The Greatest Authentic Japanese Buffet. It's owned by none other than actor/restropreneur Marvin Agustin. It is the country's biggest all-unlimited, all-authentic Japanese buffet located at SM Mall of Asia by The Bay. Just hearing that it's Japanese, I immediately said, "YES!" without any hesitation!

The thing that popped in my head when I entered Banzai was wow! It reminds me so much of a Japanese night market with all the red and white paper lanterns and other displays. :)

They also have this cool Trick Art Gallery featuring paintings of Japanese scenes such as sumo wrestling and a day at the market.

You can also dress up as a sumo or in kimonos! Be ready to be transported to Tokyo for a day with all this unique stuff going on around you while eating!:)

And now for my favourite part and I'm sure yours too if you're a foodie! **But warning! I'm posting this at a really odd hour, so if you're on a diet, I'm sorry!! Don't read! haha!* The buffet area! The many reasons why you'll want to go and try out Banzai with your friends and family!

The best section for me! I can't get enough of the salmon and tuna sashimi!^_^ More more more, please!

While going around to see which food I wanted, I suddenly heard loud drum rolls and I kept wondering if I was hearing it on the TV/speakers as a sound effect or was it actually inside the restaurant. I shrugged it off for awhile, thinking it was my imagination. But then these guys suddenly appeared!

I learned that this was called the "A Festival of Japan"… Directed by renowned director and playwright Floy Quintoswith performers garnered in colourful stylised Japanese costumes by Gini Gonzales. A regular weekend treat to diners where they can experience a spectacular dance parade showcasing a glimpse of the four iconic characters in Japanese culture from different periods in Japanese history. 

Inspired bu different Japanese performance art forms such as kabuki and noh, Quintoshas envisioned Banzai's weekend show to transport diners to the Land of the Rising Sun through dance, music, and costumes.

True enough, everyone stopped in their respective food sections, people in their seats stood up just to see this spectacular show. :)

You can see it every Fridays to Sundays at 12:30 PM, 7:30 PM and 8:30 PM.

Along with the show is another one called The Banzai Teppanyaki Show where it features four chefs simulating teppanyaki cooking in motion to the tune of Japanese music and the beat of Japanese drums. 

Of course, after the show, it's back to the REAL show! Food again! Hehe!

All the Japanese food your heart will ever desire!:) They have antipasti, appetisers, salad bar, cold soba, sushi, sashimi, teppanyaki, roast section, pizza, takoyaki, gyoza, ramen, robotayaki, age mono, breads, unlimited drinks and desserts!

Oh let's now forget the dessert part!

This is just a glimpse of it. They have more to offer like ice cream, crepe and fruits!:) Yum!:)

All in all, my Banzai experience was worth it!:) I enjoyed authentic Japanese food and so much more! I don't recall having this much fun at a buffet, reason why I recommend that you try it as well. :)

If you love celebrating your birthdays at buffets, then you'd love their birthday promo! Birthday celebrators may avail of the Banzai Week-long Birthday Blast where they may eat FREE for one week, with three full paying adults! Now you know where to eat on your birthday! Yey!:)

Thank you so much, Banzai for this new and happy experience! Will be back soon!:) 

Banzai is located at Bldg J, SM MOA by the Bay, Pasay City

You may also follow their accounts for updates and promos!


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  1. Ang sarap sarap talaga!!!! Thanks sa pag punta beb! Naghihinayang parin ako sa gramercy foodtrip, if only may car ako!:p Till next bonding!:)

  2. If I'm going to a buffet, I go to the Japanese cuisine first din. Haha! My plate's not complete without a sushi! Nom Nom! Haven't tried this buffet restaurant pa but I definitely will since my family loves eating. Hehe :)

  3. Interesting! I've never tried watching a cultural show while eating in a buffet... I hope they open a branch somewhere closer to me. XD

  4. We plan to dine here in time for Father's Day. I'll be at the sashimi station most of the time too.

  5. Oh my! I've been craving pa naman for ramen these past few days. Lalo tuloy ako nagcrave after seeing the photos, wah!

  6. Oh my japanese food all day! I must try this place soon!

  7. waah i love Japanese buffets!! :D Nakakagutom!!!


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