A day of shopping and fashion at Fairview Terraces!

by - June 29, 2014

If you read my entry HERE-- about my first ever visit to Fairview Terraces, then you would know how much fun I had at their mall launch. There was quite a few new stores to see and I liked the fact that I visited a new mall other than the ones I'm used to. But my trip to Fairview was 3 months ago, so a lot has happened and changed. Now more stores have opened, so there are more things to do there!:) In case you haven't read it yet, here's a photo diary of what I did at my second visit to FT!

Yesterday, the blogger friends and I made a trip again to the far side of Quezon city for a mall tour and to watch the first day of Style Origin at FT. But before our busy day ahead, we were served a yummy lunch from Recipes--one of my favourite Filipino restaurants!

 photo IMG_6189_zpsac2bff2e.jpg

We had the General's Chicken, Bihon/Canton/Sotanghon (sorry not sure which exactly -_-) Noodles, and Crispy Tilapia. All were equally delicious! I had three servings of noodles hehe!^_^ If you're around Fairview and you want some good ol' Filipino food, drop by the 2nd floor of Fairview Terraces and dine at Recipes!:)

One of the activities we had to do at Fairview Terraces was pick a spot that we liked and take our OOTD photo there. Some of the bloggers picked the grocery, inside the mall or the playground, but most of us sticked with the beautiful scenery/nature vibes outside. :) The garden is too pretty to pass up! OOTD-worthy!

 photo IMG_6199_zps335cc056.jpg

Lakas maka-in the jungle! Roar ang peg! Haha!:))

Now for our mall tour! We were given 7 stores to visit and it was really interesting since 6 out of the 8   stores that we went to, I haven't really encountered at Glorietta or Trinoma. 

Our first stop was Lock&Lock!

 photo IMG_6248_zps2fc97b82.jpg
 photo IMG_6152_zpse88163d2.jpg
Lutu-lutuan with Pax and niko! hehe :)
 photo IMG_6154_zpsc5851423.jpg
 photo IMG_6155_zps5160b901.jpg
 photo IMG_6250_zpsd2e1d115.jpg
 photo IMG_6249_zpse3119ff7.jpg

I thought Lock & Lock before was just all about plastic containers or products that just plainly stored food. But I was surprised to see that they have more than that. They actually have kitchenware, tumblers, bottles for babies and even Hello Kitty themed items!!:) Too cute! If I had a baby girl, I would probably get those big storage containers for her toys. But since I have boys, i'll stick with the cute Hello Bebe green tumblers and bowls. ^_^

Our next stop was Nature Republic. A new Korean makeup store for all of us to get hooked on. :)

 photo IMG_6251_zpseec323fc.jpg
 photo IMG_6256_zps52df7682.jpg
 photo IMG_6157_zpsa52af799.jpg
 photo IMG_6158_zpsf3b75b03.jpg
 photo IMG_6252_zpsa7503d4b.jpg

When it comes to Korean beauty stores, I'm not really big on their make-ups, but I really do love their huge selection of nail polish!:) I also like that Nature Republic has a more affordable price--selling at only Php 65 each. :) Eye candies! Aside from their polish, I'm also interested with their hand wash. So many scents to choose from! When in Fairview Terraces, must drop by Nature Republic. :)

For the flip flop fans out there, you'd like the store we stopped by next…

 photo IMG_6162_zpsb1a65d72.jpg
 photo IMG_6168_zps1f37ac97.jpg
Team Jeff: Ana, Arnie, Christine and Kelly!:)
 photo IMG_6169_zps146bf0a3.jpg
Hi Catch! haha!:) With my girl Nikita!:)
 photo IMG_6163_zpse54db176.jpg
 photo IMG_6167_zps54ab3f31.jpg
Why you so cute??
 photo IMG_6166_zps93b566f5.jpg
 photo IMG_6164_zpsac9f6069.jpg

The rainy season is upon us and when the weather starts to get unpredictable, it's best to wear something that you don't mind getting wet. I personally don't like getting my sandals wet, so when I prepare my outfit for school, I make sure that I pick either pick my sneakers or rubber sandals when the weather seems bipolar. I'm sure some of you don't like going for just slippers during the rainy days. So, drop by Bambu to see which stylish pair you'd like to be your partner rain or shine!

I also love that they have pairs for babies. See the one on my palm?? It's SO tiny!! 

After Bambu, we visit yet another footwear store that delivers not only stylish footwear, but comfortable ones. :)

 photo IMG_6170_zpsc290e32a.jpg
 photo IMG_6171_zps9e67a0ca.jpg
 photo IMG_6172_zpsdb89ce66.jpg

I found Oxy to be another kind of footwear that I find myself wearing to school, because of how comfortable it looks and not to mention the cute colours of their shoes. :) I think this would suit boys the most. Five of our blogger friends were lucky enough to win a free pair each!:) Try visiting your favourite bloggers Instagram or blog to see who got that free Oxy pair. ;)

The fifth store that we visited was Apartment 8! Every fashionista and female celebrity's favourite clothing brand.

 photo IMG_6173_zps4cb1f4ec.jpg
 photo IMG_6174_zps948e198c.jpg
 photo IMG_6176_zps542a6d92.jpg
 photo IMG_6175_zps19797a8b.jpg

I'm sure a lot of you guys have seen celebrities and bloggers like, Kim Chiu, Karylle, Tricia Gosingtian, Vern/Vernice Enciso, Maxene Magalona and more wear Apartment 8. How can they not, right?? The clothes are so pretty! The skirts and dresses are my favourite!:) I love the Apartment-feel of the store as well. Makes me feel like I'm in an apartment, but instead of furnitures, I have lots of clothes! haha!:))

I'm really into almost anything Korean lately, so when I saw our sixth stop, I just got even more excited!:)

 photo IMG_6255_zpse6e762c9.jpg
 photo IMG_6187_zps6b784700.jpg
 photo IMG_6184_zps0c2b689e.jpg
 photo IMG_6182_zpsf908c591.jpg
 photo IMG_6194_zps2f9724fd.jpg
 photo IMG_6186_zps887ac19c.jpg
 photo IMG_6188_zps84f58594.jpg

CNA is a "Korean fancy shop" that sells all imported Korean accessories and I think this is one of their seven branches in Manila. :) Everything is so quirky in the store that it makes me wanna get everything! But of course, that's not possible, so I got myself three cute stud earrings. ^_^  If I were still a kid, i'd probably get some über cute socks and hair-ties. :) Visit them if you're also into K-Pop bands cos they have a lot of merchandise  for fans, like stickers, button pins and keychains.

The 7th store we went to was C'NTRO by Centropelle.

 photo IMG_6253_zps31029fff.jpg
 photo IMG_6178_zpsc4d429e6.jpg
 photo IMG_6180_zpsde5df399.jpg
 photo IMG_6179_zps84fbe2b2.jpg

Another celebrity favourite is C'NTRO. Celebrities like Chynna Ortaleza, Max Collins and Dianne Medina have been seen wearing shoes from them. Centropelle is actually born out of Rusty Lopez. Their shoes are not only trendy, stylish, but reasonably-priced as well. :)

All the bloggers fell in love with the pair of heels above. I love the neon yellow and black combination. :)

The last store we visited for shopping was Chase.

 photo IMG_6254_zps29b06ce4.jpg
 photo IMG_6192_zps998a2279.jpg
 photo IMG_6193_zps3031cc4a.jpg

I love the rustic ambiance of the store and aside from that, they have really nice clothes. :) This store isn't only for girls, so I'm sure your guy friends or maybe boyfriends would love to visit this store with you. :) There are really cool tops and jackets here, so be sure to drop by when you're at Fairview Terraces.

Around 6PM, we all went to the activity center to get ready for Style Origin. This is my second one for this year and I was able to watch the MensWeek.

 photo IMG_6207_zps45bb2f65.jpg
 photo ft4_zpsead384c3.jpg
 photo ft2_zpsdfb0b0d1.jpg
 photo ft3_zps1d37a560.jpg
 photo ft1_zpscbc51d64.jpg
 photo ft5_zps7110ac90.jpg

Among all the clothes, i'd definitely pick up a Jeffrey Rogador Neoprene shirt. :) I adore the Pinoy places printed all over the top. I saw a yellow and white version of this for girls and I so want one!!>_<

While aimlessly watching the guys walking down the runway, I didn't even realized at first that the last guy strutting down was actually THE Enchong Dee!

 photo ft6_zps3bed92b6.jpg
 photo IMG_6241_zps3ba4e23f.jpg

Aside from his obviously handsome looks, the boy can actually sing and dance! Triple threat!:) Thankful that I was at the front row to see this cutie!:)

If you think Enchong Dee is already a treat, wait till you watch later's show!:)

It's gonna be packed with celebrities like, Sarah Lahbati, Richard Gutierrez, Ryzza Mae Dizon, Rico Blanco, Iya Villania, Tom Rodriguez and so much more! So, better go to Fairview Terraces at 4PM for an amazing show. :)

photo grabbed from niche :)

Again, a trip to Fairview Terraces has never failed to make me smile. I went home happy once more!:) Thank you so much Ayala Malls, Movent and our loves Niche and Jeff for having us and taking such good care of us. :) My Saturday was well spent!

Fairview Terraces
Quirino Highway corner Maligaya Drive 
Barangay Pasong Putik, Novaliches, Quezon City 1118


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  1. Awesome to see you! You looking fab last Saturday! Bagay yung animal print sa jungle feel OOTD ;)

    Love the stores that you guys visited! I am especially digging the Chase store. Will sure be back to get some good pieces :)

  2. Oh my, a Lock&Lock store! I wanna go there! Mula nung maging mommy ako naadik ako sa Lock&Lock products, haha! Love all the stores that you featured here, especially Nature Republic. Alam mo naman, I'm addicted to Korean makeup brands. :)

  3. Lock & Lock is also one of my favorite things to stock up on for the kitchen. I love theri new Hello Kitty line! So cute and perfect for my girls!:)

    Looking lovely in your OOTD post!:)

  4. Cool mall tour :) Chase store looks awesome, will check it out soon!

  5. I super love your outfit here Ava! :)
    Btw, I hope you don't mind me asking... How do you get to take photos of the shops and their items. I mean, can we, regular shoppers, do that as well? Sometimes, I go to shops that I find worth sharing but often told that taking photos are not allowed :(

  6. @Richelle Hi Richelle!:) Well, I normally take store or product photos when there are events. But if I do find myself in a situation where i want to take a photo of store products, it's either I ask if I'm allowed or I discreetly take pix :)


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