Can't get over you!

by - July 01, 2014

I simply cannot get over… Summer! How can I? Summer is all about bright hues, beautiful flowers sprouting out almost everywhere, road/beach trips, music festivals, long days, ice cream, summer dresses/clothes and the fact that anything goes during summer season. Despite the extreme heat, I still love it, because of all those!

Since I'm obviously not over summer, I dressed up in a really bright and cute hawaiian jumpsuit from Reeco. :) I absolutely love this because I can see myself styling it in many ways. One already being the photos you see below. Something laid-back and casual for malling.

 photo IMG_2630_zpsa2494351.jpg

If you're wondering what Reeco is, well, Reeco stands for the word recommendation, is a social shopping website based in the Philippines that offers pre-select products that fit your personal lifestyle and meet your everyday needs at an affordable price. The best feature of the site is that it has social media functions that allows you to share/recommend products on your social networking site. You can easily let your friends know what you love on the site and they have a lot of nice brands. Pretty neat, right?:) I'll be creating mine soon and i'll let you guys know once it's up!

When I first visited Reeco, I went to their Fashion Items tab and checked out their Elysian collection, which features Korean clothing. Quite a few stuff got my attention and this jumpsuit was one of them.

 photo IMG_2629_zps7e0cda1e.jpg

And like I said, I can see myself styling this in many ways. If you have jumpsuits or you also fancy this one, here are three more ways to style it.

Since I styled mine in a casual way, I made these just to show you that something as bright and heavy on prints as this can still be styled in different ways.

In the Hamptons- is something on the classy and elegant side. Much more tailored than how I wore my jumpsuit. You can wear this to outdoor parties or day time events.

A little Boho- I cannot help but inject my favourite Birks here. This outfit is perfect for malling, coffee shop dates, outdoor activities, casual attire when hanging out with friends or your boyfriend. It's basically another chill outfit.

Sugary Sweet- This is on the kawaii side. I picture Japanese and Korean teens to wear something like this. You too, if you're into quirky things or fashion. :)

 photo IMG_2639_zps8e8c8409.jpg
 photo IMG_2640_zps18b7f556.jpg

When wearing something that shows your shoulders or chest, I think it's best that you wear a necklace to fill up that bare spot. :) Accessorizing is the key to make your outfit standout even more.

I really love this jumpsuit. It'll definitely be one of my go-to-outfits from now on. :)

Reeco has really great stuff; from fashion items, gadgets, gift items and more! They're reliable and they provide easy payment methods. Make sure to visit them!

 photo IMG_2627_zpsdadd1468.jpg

Jumpsuit: Reeco
Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Earrings: Reese Lansangan
Necklace: Aldo
Shoes: Praiaz

Hope I was able to give you, guys some good ideas on how to style your jumpsuit! Let me know if you have any other suggestions on how to style it!

BTW, HAPPY JULY 1st, everyone!!!:)

For more updates and information about Reeco, visit them:


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  1. Perfect! That romper from Reeco looks super nice on you!!!

  2. Love the jumpsuit, girl! I also like wearing when on my lazy days. It's very comfy and is perfect this summer.

  3. Love the jumpsuit. And i cant get over of summer as well <3 ughhh

    Lou of,

  4. You're rocking that romper, Ava! Thanks for the reco! :) Will check their website out. :)

  5. I love the colors! It suits you! :) And I miss summer too.. not the heat though, hehe! :D

  6. you are my body peg!! ava bat ganon? you hardly gained weight during your pregnancy and now you are looking so fab!! sana ako mabalik ko sa dati itsura ko haha :p


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