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by - June 03, 2014

When I started going to school, there's always one thing that I look forward to every school year and that's to go shopping for new school materials. :) I remember going to Taiwan every summer and before I went back to Manila for school again, Mom and I would always go shopping for school and that was THE best experience for me. I'm was and still am such a bookstore junkie. ^_^ 

I already have graduated from grade school and high school, so College is the only thing left for me. I don't go school material shopping as much anymore, since I always have excess from the previous term/school year. But I still do buy a few things and when I do, I make sure that they're something that would help my school stuff get organised. :)

School actually started for me last May already, but I'm still on the look out for school stuff that would help me keep my papers in order and a single notebook that I can use for my 4 subjects this term. 

Fortunately, Filed has recently launched their TopNotch: Filed Back-to-School Craze 2014 last week and I had the privilege of getting first dibs on their latest products!

 The launch was held at the Royal Piccadilly and it's one of the most quaint restaurants that I've been to.   It's London inspired and you can really feel it from food, style and beautiful interiors. :) It's definitely the perfect hangout place for friends who want a relaxed, but elegant atmosphere. 

Get Filed understands how hectic our school year can be-- countless exams, project deadlines, extra-curricular activities, plus personal and social lives to balance them with; it cutes the lifeline and brings about a great deal of stress. But we students don't have to worry about them anymore.


Filed's TopNotch Campaign turns every jam-packed school dat to an empowering road to distinction. They have created these new school tools to help us rise above the challenges by bringing out our A-game and helping us become TopNotch!

Above are their products and I actually have been a user of their Filed Link Notes notebook. I got the pink one last year and it was so helpful. It had a jacket where I can put my small papers and post-its, I didn't have to bring so many notebooks with me and if I needed more pages, I just needed to buy their fillers that I could easily get at Fully Booked. :) Proud to say that I passed all my subjects too!;)

Along with the launch of their newest products, Filed also gave a little demonstration by their Ambassadors on how each of them worked/functioned.

This File Folder keeps a lot of things inside of it and the other great thing about it is that you have a concealable easy-grip handle. You can just carry it on your wrist or hand when you have other things to carry. 

The Pocket Wallet is something that I want. I'm a commuter when going to school. I don't drive. It's either the jeep or the LRT for me, so I like bags or wallets that are easy to deal with. Just like this one from Filed. It has four pocket compartments for cash, cards, and photos. It also has an ID pocket, expandable bin for coins. But the winner part of this wallet is that it has back pocket for easy bills access and slot for your coins. This way, you don't have to open your wallet anymore when you're outside and you just have to slide your coin or money on the side pockets. :)

If you have a lot of stuff and want a folder that is much bigger, then the Carrier Folder is for you! You can use it as a school bag, documents keep and even put your laptop inside and carry this in backpack, shoulder bag or handbag. :) So cool, right??^_^

The Keeper Folder is truly a keeper, because it has 10 compartments that sorts all your documents and it also has labels that will surely help you keep your papers tidy!:) Bring it anywhere--It comes with a detachable strap, so you can just zip it up and you're ready to go! 

The Catcher Folder is another neat folder that you can use for school. I got a green version of this and I'm excited to use it this week. It has a zipper opening, spacious pocket, 3-ring binder, card slots and side pocket. I think the guys would really love this, since most of them would only want to carry a folder with them when going to class. If they have this, they can bring everything they need and it won't easily fall. :)

I like how you can carry it in two ways; like a clutch and it also comes with a detachable strap. :)

Next is the Shift Notes. I also got this one. :) Since I already experienced using the Link Notes, I cannot wait to try out the Shift notes. It has 3 types of paper sheets--lined, blank and dot grid. It also has 4 side pockets, so I can put my 1/4 yellow pads there and just pluck them out when I need it for quizzes. :) I haven't used this yet, but I love it already!

 If you're a pen addict like me, you'd loooooovvvveee the Pen Roller. You can neatly place your pens on the roll and keep the rest of your pens inside the cylindrical case. Not bulky too! :) This case also has magnetic button snaps that will keep your pen case in place, so fret not! You won't drop anything. :)

The other products that are also equally cool is the Pen Capsule and Flip Folder. :)

Filed believes that everyone has their own special skills and talents that make it possible for us to be TopNotch. And, with their array of innovative products, every person who have these will definitely be encouraged to be creative and organized in conquering the days ahead!

All their products come in different colours, so you can choose your favourite one!

After the product demonstrations, we were served afternoon tea and got to enjoy an afternoon delight the British way!:) 

We were served teatime classics such as sultana scones, sweets, and tuna sandwiches with a nice pot of Twinings tea. :) I enjoyed this part of the day a lot! 

They gave us tiny cupcakes to take-home and boy! They're one of THe best cupcakes that I've ever tasted! I finished them in one sitting. I must go back for more!!>_< Thank you, TRP!

I'm really thankful I got to be a part of this afternoon. Thank you so much to Filed and The Royal Piccadilly for having me!:) I had fun and I cannot wait to use my new Filed products!

Visit FILED for more updates and product infos:

Visit The Royal Piccadilly at:

2nd Floor, Petron-La Vista Gas Station, Katipunan Avenue corner 
Mangyan Road, Loyola Heights, Quezon City 


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  1. OMG! Now I'm feeling so sad I missed this event T_____T huhuhu.. Hope to see you on future events though. :-*

  2. Oh M G! I just checked their FB Page and the stuff is really nice!

  3. Ooh, their products are so pretty and functional! Namiss ko naman bigla maging estudyante, hehe. :)

  4. Nice products! I wish I was a student again so I can use these! :)

  5. Very, very, very nice pieces! I have something like the Keeper Folder, which I used to keep my GC's Hehe. I also used one when I traveled and stayed for 3 weeks in another country, just to keep my receipts organized. :)

    I love that the designs are basic and functionality is superb! :)


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