Akira: Art of Sushi & Teppanyaki

by - August 14, 2014

If I had a bucket list of the countries I wanted to go to before I turn 30, I would definitely put Japan on my top 5. They may seem to be a really tech savvy country, but I love the rich culture that they have. Especially their Kawaii stuff and food! Oh my! Don't get me started on those two! But since I don't have the budget to book a trip with my family, I've managed to find ways to make a quick trip to Japan and that's through immersing myself to scrumptious Japan cuisine!:)

I guess it's already predictable that I love Japanese food and it's amazing that a lot of Japanese restaurants have been sprouting here in Manila. I've tried most of them, but I can't believe that I haven't tried Akira at Shangri-La Mall until last Saturday! When this year started, I often went to Shang and I can't understand why I missed out on Akira for that long! But thankfully, I finally got to dine there and with none other than my blogger family!:)

The interior of the restaurant has a post-modern design that exhibits the neat unanimity of traditional and contemporary Japanese elements. My favourite are the canvas prints of prominent Japanese icons on the chairs and the fixtures resembling as firework explosions. :) 

Aside from the beautiful interior, guests this month of August have the chance to enjoy their yummy food with good Koto Music from Japan. 

As I stated on my post title above, Akira has Teppanyaki. The first time I ever encountered or had Teppanyaki was when I was in Taiwan. But that only involved the chef cooking food in front of us, then we ate. So, when the blogger friends and I sat in front of our grill table, we expected just that. Only to our surprise, we were actually in for an amazing Teppanyaki show!

If you want to bring your family or friends at Akira, you can try out their Teppanyaki Group Specials, which is good up to 5 persons. That's what we had!:)

"The restaurant is inspired by the fictional story of Akira, the legendary Teppanyaki Chef of Japan who trained and fought the fire god Kagutsuchi to save Sayuri, his beloved. Here we feature the art of teppanyaki, a style of Japanese cuisine that uses an iron griddle to cook food. Likewise our chefs are trained to showcase their teppanyaki skills in front of their guests, not just to cook food but to entertain them as well."

Like I said, we were in for a show and we were all in awe to see our chef tossing and flipping his cooking tools and even juggling the ingredients! Aaaaamaaaziiinng!!!

And of course with tricks like these…

It's not hard to fall for your chef food! May heart shape effect pa si Chef! Pwede mag request ng shape? Star naman po next?? Hahaha! I know mothers are suppose to teach their kids not to play with their food. But may exception to the rule pala at Akira!;) Oh and I'd like to commend the chef for asking first if anyone is allergic with prawns before actually mixing everything together. So considerate!

Other than Teppanyaki, you can also enjoy other food, like ramen, noodles, sushi, sashimi, tempura, tonkatsu, bentos, inventive maki/roll, and Akira's very own selection of fruit shakes and beverages!

MENU photos from Beb Ana :)

There's a wide selection of food and drinks, so I'm sure you'll love it here!:) 

Now that I've tried Akira, it's become one of my favourite Japanese restos. :) Went home that day with a happy heart, tummy and face!:) Thank you so much, Akira! Can't wait to go back!

Akira PH

5th Level of East Wing, Shangri-La Plaza
Robinsons Magnolia

Akira on Facebook


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  1. Now I'm craving for Japanese food! Seeing the chef in action is an awesome experience, and he's really skilled ha! :)


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