Pinocchio on stage!

by - August 17, 2014

Growing up as a child I have always loved reading books and watching those books get turned into movies. Those were the little things that got me excited as a kid. One of my favourite stories then was Pinocchio. It was originally written by Carlo Collodi in 1881 and it has been one of the most famous stories in children's literature and one of the most adapted. Like the popular adaptation of Walt Disney. :)

It was a joy watching Pinocchio and I like the moral of the story as well. That's why now that I have my own children, I want them to also learn about it and love Pinocchio like I did. Thankfully, there is a more current adaptation, an amazing musical presented by the Repertory Philippines; Pinocchio by Jim Eiler with music by Jim Eiler and Jeanne Bargy.

Waiting for the show to start!!

Though I don't get the chance to watch a lot of musicals, I actually love watching. I've seen Beauty and The Beast on broadway before when I was in NYC and last year, the family and I watched Alice in Wonderland for Athan's Kinder 1 out of school thing and A.I.W. was also the production of Repertory Philippines. It was my first time to see a musical done here in Manila and I was totally impressed. Which is why when I got invited for the Press Preview of Pinocchio, I did not hesitate and got my family to join in the fun as well. :)

Set in Italy, this beloved tale of Pinocchio, a life-sized upper created by the caring puppet maker, Geppetto. 

Ms. Joy Virata, artistic director of Repertory Philippines Theater for Young Audiences will direct Pinocchio. This marks the third time that Repertory Philippines is staging the musical, the first two being in 1996 and 2004. What's great about this year's Pinocchio is that real kids will actually play the role and not adults. :)

I'm sure kids and the kids at heart will truly enjoy this new a fresh production of Pinocchio. I know my family and I sure did. The cast and show is just so alive and bursting with energy. The colourful set design and costumes are already a visual treat for the audience. Plus, the children will also enjoy singing to songs and interacting with the characters!

There was a short Q&A after the show and a cute kid asked, "Where's Jiminy Cricket?" Unfortunately, Jiminy won't be joining in this musical cos it's a different adaptation. But not to worry, because you're still in for an awesome show that will surely capture your heart and a lot of silly yet adorable questions from your kids after the show. ;)

Pinocchio is set to open today- August 16, 2014 at the Onstage Theater,  2/F, Greenbelt 1, Paseo de Roxas cor. Legazpi St., Makati City. The show runs until December 14, 2014

For details of show, please call tel. nos. 843-3570 and 451-1474 or email or log on to


Tickets are also available through Ticketworld at 891-9999 or visit 

Don't miss this!:)


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  1. Athan is big and gwapo now! Good to see your family again! :)

  2. Lovely family watching a musical!

    Haha if I were there, I would also look for Jiminy Cricket!

  3. Perfect chance to bond with the family! Glad the kids enjoyed Pinocchio! Classic din ito <3

  4. Your post reminds me of the musical play we're supposed to watch last Friday but weren't able to do so due to heavy traffic. I'm sure my son will enjoy Pinocchio, too. Thanks for the heads-up!

  5. I haven't watched a stage play in a looong time! It would be nice if I could watch this with my son. :)


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