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by - September 15, 2014

If you remember my first ombre makeover circa February 2012, you would know that it was my first drastic hair colour and change ever! Like I mentioned there, I've always had jet black hair, so I wanted a change. Hence, the ombre look. But back then I went for a more brighter kind of ombre, which I think they call the Three-toned or Balyage Ombre. Forgive me, I kinda forgot which one of the two I got. >_< That's what happens when you get older! Haha! 


Nevertheless, Azta Urban Salon Pioneer was able to achieve the extreme change that I wanted for my hair and it was jet black no more! 

Now back to 2014, I've been jet black again for quite sometime and I've had urges to colour my hair again. But again, I wanted something drastic, but not like the ombre before. I've been actually contemplating on Violet or purple hair for awhile now. As in I would watch Vlogs, read articles and research about it. I even ask my Hubby a lot if Violet hair would suit me cos I'm scared. But until when am I going to be afraid, right? He told me to go for it! Luckily, my blogger friend Hershey was just in the nick of time when she invited me for an Azta Ombre makeover last week!:) I immediately said, "Yes!" After all, I trust Azta! Thank you, Hershey love !:") 

My "BEFORE" hair look :)

For this makeover, we went to the newest branch of Azta over at SM Jazz, Makati. It's a place I'm quite familiar with since I pass by it everyday, so it was easy to find. :) If you're not familiar with SM Jazz, it's actually near MAPUA Makati!:)

We were also welcome with cute cupcakes (which Athan gorged in a matter of minutes) our photo standees and magazines when we got there. So cute!:) If you wish, you also have a choice of hot or cold milk tea while you're having your makeover.

For my ombre makeover, the first thing they did was wash my hair and blow-dried, so the stylist can see my real hair length and texture and gage from there how to dye my hair. :) As you can see my BEFORE hair is already a bit longer than before and back to black. I'm really glad they didn't chop off my tresses for this cos at least I can allow my hair to grow more. :)

With this wonderful hair-day, I was with two other gorgeous bloggers Hershey and Jirbie. :)

*photo from Hershey* :)

From what I know, Hershey and Jirbie actually both got a Balyage Ombre a.ka. Bombre. Check their blog out to know more about their Azta ombre experience! :)

"A style that combines the wonders of Ombre colouring with Balayage painting, a relatively new freestyle highlighting technique which allows your stylist to create that soft, sun-kissed natural looking post-summer look. The effect is a subtle gradation of colour, with added sweeps of depth and dimension."

As for me, the girl who wants violet hair, I went for the Funky ombre!

"Take your hair colour a notch higher and pick from Azta's palette of funky shades. Make your statement. All you need is a good sense of fun, an eye for interesting colour combinations, and a boost of confidence!"

And that's exactly what I did! Since the shade of purple is one of my favourite colour (obviously it's one of my blog's colour scheme), I might as well jump in!

The first process of dying my hair was to bleach the ends. Since I wanted the colour violet, bleaching the ends was a must. I, of course knew this already since I've been researching about "How to dye your hair purple and it's effects." If you have dark hair and want a lighter shade, you really can't avoid bleaching, because the colour will just not show as much without this process. This step took some time, because they had to keep bleaching the ends till they got the yellow shade that would be able to accommodate the violet dye. I think a total of one hour and 20 minutes?

And once the bleaching process is done, it's now time to go for the VIOLET dye!!! I feel like HIT-GIRL here. You know her? The super hero that Chlöe Grace Moretz played in the movie Kick-Ass. I felt like that for a good 20-30 minutes haha!^_^

Finally after washing the dye out...

If you're wondering if bleaching the ends of my hair got it super dry, no it actually didn't!:) It still feels like it did before dying it violet. I also got a special Davines shampoo from Azta to maintain the colour.

This ombre makeover is just LOVE! I'm beyond happy with the turnout! Thank you so much to the Azta Urban Salon Jazz Team for the awesome experience! Especially to my stylists- Ms. Ira, Sir Cris and Ms. Meg Lachica!:) My hair wouldn't be this amazing without your care!:) 

And since I am beyond happy, I want to share my happiness with you guys as well!:) Yes, you heard it right! Azta Urban Salon also wants my readers to have an ombre makeover! How awesome!! There will be TWO lucky winners of this giveaway! Yey!!:) I'll be doing this giveaway on the BLOG and INSTAGRAM.

Just follow ALL the mechanics below and you automatically qualify for the raffle!

*Reminder: Not following of ALL the mechanics, immediately disqualifies you from the giveaway*



 Follow @artsyava and @aztaurbansalon on Instagram
♥ Follow Azta Urban Salon on Facebook
 Repost the photo above and let us know why you deserve to win an ombre makeover and tag 3 of your friends on Instagram
 Use the hashtags #AztaOmbreMakeover #DiscoverOmbre #DavinesPH #AFAxAzta 


That's it!:) The (2) winners of the Ombre makeover; (1) from my blog and (1) from Instagram will be announced on September 23, 2014!:)

Winners may claim the ombre makeover only until September 30, 2014 at these branches:

Alabang Town Center
Service Town, Alabang Town Center Alabang-Zapote Road, Alabang, Muntinlupa Metro Manila
Katipunan Ave.
2nd Level SMRC Bldg. Katipunan Ave. corner B.Gonzales St., Loyola Heights, Quezon City Metro Manila
Eastwood City
3rd Level, Eastwood Citywalk 2 E. Rodriguez Ave. (C-5), Bagumbayan, Libis, Quezon City Metro Manila
Robinsons Metroeast
4th Level, Robinsons Metro East Marcos Highway, Brgy. Dela Paz, Santolan, Pasig Metro Manila
687-6527 / 6822107
SM City San Lazaro
3rd Level, SM City San Lazaro Felix Huertas corner A.H. Lacson Ave., Sta. Cruz, Manila Metro Manila
687-6527 / 3531344
SM Jazz, Makati City
Unit 140 G/F SMDC Jazz Residences Nicanor Garcia cor. Jupiter, Makati City
7798753/ 09174275772

While your here joining my giveaway, you can also check out these different ombre styles here

Good luck, guys!!:) 


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  1. Wow! The color suits you Miss Ava! Nice! Hihi... I can't join your give-away. :( I'm not into dyeing hair. I will just tweet and share it to my wall for my friends1 :)

  2. Ganda!!! ♥

    I've been wanting to try the ombre look since 2012. Super convinced na ko to really go for it. I really need to update my look kasi super haggardo versoza na ko. HAHA!

    Anyhoo, see you soon Ava! *hugs*

  3. I love your new hair!!! I want it for myself! Hope to win your giveaway! :D

  4. Ahhh! I love your hair, Ava! I wanted a lighter hair for the longest time now (my hair is also really black), but I'm scared to bleach it. Your ends look so pretty and they gave me the much needed push. :)

  5. wow! azta's new ombre styles are all cool. hoping to win.. :D

  6. Nice! Purple doesn't seem so drastic, after all!:) Good luck to all your contest participants!

  7. Joined! Need something new for my hair! I've never had it colored before though... :)

  8. I love the blend. I should try this next time, sana pwede sa office. hihi. :)

  9. I am so in love with your hair! And how nice to see Meg in the photos! We're org-mates from college. ;)

  10. Hi, when are you going to announce the winners? Thanks! :)


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