Manila Sundance Trois!

by - September 09, 2014

I love going to bazaars and all the more being a part of them. I'm fortunate enough to be with Manila Sundance Bazaar for the third time around. :) I was able to setup a booth again and it was even more fun, because I got to be with my best friends again!:)

I think this September 2014's setup is my favourite one yet! Super cool photo wall!

The bazaar lasted for three days as usual and we manned the booth every single day. But I loved it!  Aside from having fun company, it was also great, because we got to meet a lot of people who dropped by our booth, spotted cute kids running around (which made me miss Asher a lot!>_<) and enjoyed picnicking  at our tiny, but cozy booth!:)

When it comes to joining bazaars, I normally would just sell. I refuse to spend, because I want my earnings to stay intact. But I found a lot of the things that I've been wanting at this Manila Sundance Bazaar, so I couldn't help but get them. Oh and they were sold for a cheaper price, so all the more why not!

Mason Jar from Kitchen Counter Manila :)

Gold Plated Initial from Fashtaginfinity :)

Ninja Turtle nano blocks :) Cuteeee!

Hair tie/friendship bracelets from " : " | Elephant bracelet from Fudge Rock :)

These were my cute finds!:) Funny story about my last find, which were the hair ties. My best friend Nickie and I wanted to buy a set. But of course we were eyeing on the cutest design and at the best price. We spotted two booths that had them. The only catch was that the booth across who sold the cutest design was selling a set for Php 150 and the one with the less cuter design priced it at Php 100. That was a dilemma since we weren't willing to spend that much for hair ties…kuripot! haha! We're just strong bargain hunters! But the booth that was selling it for Php 100 though had this cute elephant bracelet. But I walked away and we managed to find another booth with these cute hair ties and guess what?? They were only for Php 50!! Woot! Score!^_^

But among all the cute stuff, the one I love the most is the elephant bracelet! My best friends surprised me with it. They saw how much I wanted it, but chose to let it go cos I didn't want to spend anymore. I was so touched when they came back to our booth with it!^_^

Happy that I also got to see fellow blogger friends at the bazaar! Too bad I only got two pictures! But hello Megann, Vern, Verniece, Seph, Trice, Cristina and Dana!:) 

If you're a first time bazaarista at Metrotent and would wanna save up on food expenses, be sure to try out Goodah!:) You'll save half of what you usually spend on food!:)

Also munched on yummy bazaar drinks and food! Super love Zen tea's lemon grass!

Day 3 OOTD!

Spot the photo bomber! haha!

Thank you so much to my best friends and hubby for a great bazaar experience. It wouldn't have been fun or the same without you guys!:) Till our next bazaar!

To the Manila Sundance team and Rika, thank you so much again for having me!:) It was a really fun and awesome experience. :) Congratulations for the successful 3 day event!:)

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Instagram: Manila Sundance


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  1. I miss going to bazaars! Ever since I moved to Pampanga I have been pretty inactive in attending bazaars. You look great as always, Ava! :)


  2. Love your lovely trinkets of thingamajigs :) i miss BU hahaha. Soon!

  3. That bazaar looks like a lot of fun! Your purchases are really cute, especially that Mason jar mug.


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