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by - September 07, 2014

When it comes to reading books, I don't really have much time for it like I did before having kids. It's quite impossible to finish one book in a month for me nowadays. It takes me months! I guess it's because the kiddos are still small and it's difficult to concentrate on what I'm reading while I'm looking after them at the same time, I have to stop every now and then. Nevertheless, I'm still alright with the situation and thankful that even if I don't get to read an entire book in a fast phase, I still get to do it from time to time. That's the reason why I keep a few ebooks on my phone and create book lists, so I know what i'll be reading after. :)

Aside from reading fiction books, I also enjoy reading books that have quotes or inspirational meanings to them. Those are the kinds of books that I fancy right now since you can learn from them even by just reading one page alone. :) I currently have a few, but for now I'd like to share with you guys one of the books that I'm reading.

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Since I can't read a whole book in one day, why not read a meaningful page that can fill up your day, right?:) One of those books is Just For Today: Guidelines For Living by Harold J. Sala

It's basically a book that is good for 365 days. As you can see the pages above, it's arranged by month and date. This book is about finding God's strength and help for today. :) 

This book has been a really great guide for me. I don't read it religious every single day. But when I do feel helpless, sad or confused, I pick this book up and just immerse myself in it and even highlight phrases that I want to remember. It may just be one page, but more often than not, it speaks to me and my situation in life. Especially the recent one I read yesterday- September 6. It talks about how God answers our prayers. It says that "God loves you too much to give you everything you ask for." and "…You can trust God for the best in your life." True enough, if God did give us everything we asked for that would be pretty chaotic. We'd only have temporary happiness and you don't even know if things would work out. But God has his perfect timing and I can attest to that.

I'm glad I have this book. It keeps me sane. Aside from this one though, I also suggest reading…

Keep Calm and Carry On by Andrews McMeel Publishing, LLC
The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin
Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom

These books have been a good source of inspiration for me and have really relatable quotes. If you want a good picker-upper, these books are a must-read!

Next, I can't wait to get my hands on the following books...

Wonder by RJ Palacio
Lullabies by Lang Leav
Adultery by Paulo Coelho

I've heard good reviews about them and got a glimpse online a few relatable quotes from them too. 

I guess for me, I try to live my day one day at a time and try to look at the bright side. If I'm too troubled, I try to find ways to bring back my optimism… May that be just reading a really good book. :)

So, just for today, what keeps you motivated, happy, inspired or to simply put it, what are the things you do to help you cope?


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  1. Lovely book suggestions! My most favorite inspirational book is The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom. :)


  2. Tuesdays with Morrie is a classic! :)
    I agree with you, I wish I had more time to read books. Back in the days I could finish a book in one sitting. These days, it's a miracle if I can actually sit down and read one whole chapter without distractions. Haha!

  3. I used to read books and I can't put them down until I'm done. But then life happened and I'm reduced to reading a few times every month, if I am lucky. But these look like good book suggestions!

  4. i hope makakita ako ng lahat ng book na yan sa Manila Internatinal Book Fair.. God bless Ava! :)


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