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by - October 18, 2014

I'm a notebook and planner addict. Despite the technology nowadays; you can put your schedules on your phone or tablet, I'm still very old school. I like writing with a pen. My notebook addiction has been going on since I was a little girl. But the planner started when I was in first year college. I cannot stress enough how much I always feel the need to get a new journal. It takes a lot of effort for me to restrain myself. But combine a planner with my favourite coffee shop, ah! That's a whole different thing!:) I will definitely put effort in getting one. :)

Clearly, Christmas is almost here and aside from that joyous occasion, this is also the time to get excited, because 2015 planners are beginning to come out! Just like my favourite, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. They officially launched their The Giving Journal 2015 last Thursday.

Want to see the CBTL 2015 planner? :) READ MORE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

One of Real Life Foundation x CBTL's former scholar. He's now an 'alumni' and a certified ENGINEER!
Every year, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf releases its coveted Giving Journal around a holiday campaign benefiting the Real Life Foundation, and every year, the company makes it a goal to create something better than the last, constantly evolving the journal to share the company's passion for GIVING, SHARING, and COMMUNITY.

For 2015, the theme of the Giving Journal is to provide the inspiration to create OVERFLOWS in one's life. CBTL desires for all of us to thrive and live in abundance when it comes to developing personal fulfilment & growth, strong relationships, and a joyful spirituality. To give to others, one must first have something to give, and the Giving Journal empowers us to become the best versions of ourselves.

CBTL partnering with the Real Life Foundation has helped many poor but deserving scholars achieve their goal in life. :) So, now when you buy a cup of coffee at CBTL, you can already imagine helping someone finish his/her studies. This planner is a great reminder that we can make a huge difference with even the smallest effort. It is such a great cause!

The Giving Journals come in four different colours; Purple, Green, Brown and Orange and each representing a signature drink from CBTL. :) You need to collect all 12 stamps and they can be claimed beginning October 25, 2014 to January 11, 2015. :)

And since this was a planner launch, CBTL prepared a quirky bookmark making afternoon for us as well! I was surprised about this activity cos our teacher was none other than Beb Ana! Woot!

This is the first time I ever tried wire art and it's not as easy as it looks! All of us even appreciated Ana all the more! It's definitely a work of heart! Kudos to your hardworking hands, beb! hehe!

Everyone hard at work! Well, actually competitive lang! haha!

Best in couple bookmark! KESO!!!:)  SEPH & TRICE :)

We had to make a word/ symbol that we wanted to represent our 2015 and this was mine. I know it's cliche, but everyone needs it to get by the year. A little optimism never hurt anybody. :)

Enjoy the months left with 2014 and come 2015, let's brew our best year!:) 

68 days left till Christmas and only 7 days left till you can start collecting stamps for your CBTL planner! Yey!!:)


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