Uno de 50: Bloggers shopping day!

When I attended the launch of Uno de 50 beginning of this year, I was so excited. It's one of the known fashion accessories brand in S...

When I attended the launch of Uno de 50 beginning of this year, I was so excited. It's one of the known fashion accessories brand in Spain and I was delighted to be one of the first few people to see their first store opening at SM Aura. :) 

Now, fast forward to October, I believe they now have three stores in total; SM Aura, SM Mall of Asia and now at SM Megamall, which was the store that I recently visited for the Uno de 50 Bloggers shopping day!:)

Care to see more of the Uno de 50 collection at SM Megamall? :) READ MORE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

The SM Megamall store is much bigger compared to the SM Aura one, so if you want a more spacier place to shop or maybe see more of the collection, you can come by and visit this branch. :) I have yet to visit the one at SM MoA and I already should! I'm so near that mall compared to the other two haha!=P

I also went with Athan again to this intimate event since he's already familiar with the brand. :)

As usual, I have been dazed by all the pretty silver accessories that Uno de 50 has. The craftsmanship is just impeccable! I especially fancy the heart shape; it has the touch of handmade when you look at with all the bumpy surface. :)

While looking around the store, I saw these earrings and they're so pretty!! Perfect for effortless outfits and you just want a piece of accessory to stand out, this would be it!:)

State of a confused girl-- "Hmm… A ring or a bracelet?…." What do you, guys think?:)

The rings have Swarovski stones on them, so you can be assured that it's really a keeper!;)

More of the Uno de 50 accessories that caught my attention...

I was surprised to see that they have these super adorable keychains. I don't know if they also have them at SM Aura, but during the opening I didn't really spot any. I love the button w/needle and little girl from this bunch!:) Cuteeeee!!

And finally, here's what I got. :) It's called PIM bracelet. I was told that the dragonfly meant good luck. :) I've been wearing it everyday now. :) It's my new staple accessory aside from my watch. 

Thank you, Uno de 50 and Ms. Rochelle Romero for inviting me to this!:) I had a great time!:)

For more information about Uno de 50, you may visit them at:


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  1. Wow! Super pretty! It looks like a museum of accessories ♥


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