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by - October 06, 2014

Before I thought that having a baby boy meant that I could no longer get the chance of dressing them up in cute outfits, that I would be limited to only pants, shorts and shirts. I was right on the pants and shorts part. But I never imagined that I had a lot more options to choose from and SM Kids' Fashion has made it so much more fun for me to dress the boys up. Not only do I enjoy shopping at the children's area, but so does my kids! Awesome, right? It's no longer boring, because they see bright colours, their favourite cartoon characters and even super heroes!

Its been awhile since Athan did an OOTD and when I got this super adorable Mickey Mouse pair from SM Kids' Fashion, I knew I just had to take his OOTD!:) Luckily, he too was so excited about his outfit that he happily agreed to pose!

While taking this shot, he was like, "MOM! Look! I'm a mouse!!^_^" Haha!:) Mickey Mouse was his all time favourite cartoon character as a kid, so no wonder he's ecstatic with his fun hoodie! 

Mickey Hoodie & Pants: SM Kids' Fashion

It's so cool that SM Kids' Fashion released the Kids Gone Kawaii Toon Fest 2014 collection. :) I love it to bits! Can't wait to see what I can get for Asher!:)

More about the collection here…

A prominent aspect of Japanese culture, and embraced by the most fashion forward of stylephiles, "Kawaii" is the theme of this year's SM KIDS' FASHION TOON FEST, incorporating bright colours, graphic visuals and everything cute and lovable.

For this stand out collection, three categories take the lead—Princess, Cutie and Hero. Princess goes with a glitzy slant on the trend with playful tutu skirts and pretty tulle dresses matched with princess tees in colourful pastels. Watch out for those hoodies with built-in tiaras, it’s perfect for today's modern little princesses that want to juxtapose their royal style with a little street flair.


Character tees, fun hoodies and vibrant button-downs are the highlights of the Cutie category. Garfield, Snoopy, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and the lovable Sesame Street characters provide an eclectic mix of colours, prints and quirky pieces that will definitely be "conversation-starters" at school or the playground.

Everybody wants to be a Hero—especially if the look comes with head-turning graphics, colourful denims and hip hoodies. Ben 10, The Avengers, Adventure Time and Cars provide items to help show off super style that your kids will surely love and have fun with.
Every piece from the collection carries the quintessential appeal of kawaii trend; looking fun, vibrant, and adorable. With SM Kids’ Fashion Kawaii Toon Fest, dressing up is made more fun and imaginative for the tiny trendsetters. See the collection with your kids at the SM Store.




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  1. Wow! So cute ng hoodie! Uso na nama ang hoodie sa tag ulan, makabili nga hehe


  2. Nice hoodie! Wow, there's Lightning Mc Queen hoodie too. I'm sure my son would like to have that shirt. Thanks for sharing this :)

  3. OMG!!!! Ang cute ni Athan!! Nakakagigil!!!!! :D Napapa smile ako sa smile niya! :D

  4. Love the hoodie! I'd buy one for myself if they have it in adult sizes, haha! :)

  5. Athan is just so adorable. I would even want to wear that Mickey Mouse hoodie, myself... If only there's one that would fit. Hehe



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