Superdry AW14 Preview

by - October 03, 2014

Despite the bipolar weather and it raining hard halfway to my destination, I still pushed through with my agenda tonight and I'm glad I did, because I was able to see the official Autumn Winter 2014 preview of Superdry at their Central Square BGC branch. It's also my first time at Superdry, so aside from their new collection, I decided to take a photo of the things that I fancied in the store. Good thing the event was pretty chill. :)

My favourite from their store. :) Love this mason jar lights!
My date :)
The Superdry AW14 Collection is a fusion of textures, detail and quality in the brand's strongest range to date. Adorned pieces, luxe leather and artisan selvedge denim continue to push the boundaries. A mix of textures across the collection work in an autumnal palette with bright bursts, shearling detail and winter-ready linings.

Want to see more? :) Read more >>>>>>>>>>>>

In womenswear, the biker look is a key inspiration, seen in panelled Biker Super Skinny jeans and the luxurious Super Long Biker jacket. Soft shearling ramps up the boho winter vibe in everything from outwear to footwear. Luxe touches come in the form of hand-beading, metallic embellishment and soft leather.

More often than not, I associate Autumn Winter collections with dark colours. Maybe it's because most people wear black or grey. But looks like I'm loving Superdry's collection! More more colours and neon brights!

For men, timeless sartorial style comes to the fore in impeccably cut outerwear in a wide range of styles and weights, featuring classic detailing in leather and shearling. A lesson in casual luxury comes in the form of the heritage designs in the SD Gym Equipment and Copper Label Goods collections. Denim purists will opt for Copper Label Selvedge while new OrangeDry Denim offers contemporary cuts.

 Complementing the apparel collection, women's footwear features eye-catching metallics while men's boots get tough and heroic, inspired by hunting trips and military style. Oversized accessories in soft yarns complete the winter look.

One thing's for sure, Superdry is definitely not stingy when it comes to colours and being a first timer at their shop, I immediately fell-inlove with the prints and hues. :) Now, I guess I can start liking Autumn Winter!

There are a lot more accessories at the store, so be sure to check them out!

I had a great time tonight! It's obvious that I didn't allow rain to get in my way and it was worth it!:) I had a lot of fun looking and the new collection and shopping. Can you guess what I got?

Thank you, Superdry and Nuffnang Philippines for having me!^_^

For more information about Superdry, visit them at the ff:


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  1. Nice ng collectiong ng Superdry! Very urban and street style! :D

  2. I'm eyeing the hoodies, especially now that Christmas is just around the corner. Must check this store out! :)

  3. I was wondering what you got. Can't wait to see! :)

  4. Haven't been to this store yet. Nice picks! I see stripes, and denim, and the sandals are really nice!

  5. street fashion are getting so artsy and full of surprises!

  6. I love the look of their denim. Would be perfect for my everyday mommy uniform.

  7. I always love your event coverage and pictures, Ava! Can't wait to see an OOTD with everything you got. :)


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