by - October 28, 2014

Last Sunday, I went over to SMX Mall of Asia to experience a really fun and big event hosted by none other than Jollibee!:) If you're wondering why did they come up with such an event, well, in celebration of National Children's Month, they made Jollitown come to life in Manila!:) 

This day was perfect for the whole family. Unfortunately, my kids weren't around during this day cos they were at their grandmother's place. I'm sure if they were around, the first thing they'd utter is "WOW!!!" And they'll be so ecstatic! But since they couldn't make it, my best friend Nickie and I relived our childhood days instead and enjoyed the cool stuff inside the Jollitown event!

As expected, the place was packed with so much people, especially kids! They had different play zones and giant inflatables! You could bounce inside Jollibee's Bob House or slide down the Rainbow slide or fill the town with bubbles from the Bubble Dome!:) There were so many things to do!

I think even if you're not 5 years old or 12 years old anymore, you'd still love this place. :) It surely brought out the kiddy side of me!

The ticket price for Jollibee Kids Club (JKC) members was Php 65 each, while non-JKC had to register to become a member for Php 100. :) Each ticket was inclusive of Regular Yum, a drink and loot bag for the kids. :)

We really loved the larger than life ice cream cones and art materials!^_^ So cute!!

Oh and of course, not Jollibee event would ever be complete without the special appearance of the Jollitown friends!

Look at how all the kids are so happy and giddy to see their favourite mascots!:)

The event was really fun! I highly encourage that you sign up your kids to be members of Jollibee Kids Club!:) There are so many rewards and perks to enjoy!:) 

Hope you all are having a great week so far!


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  1. We left before 12nn and thus were unable to get burgers and see the mascots... lol. XD

  2. I want to go there next year! I love Jollibee mascot!


  3. We missed this! It looks like it was a lot of fun. Next year we'll be sure to attend but probably be there when it opens and leave early as it looks like there were a lot of people.

  4. My kids loves Jollibee! But I didn't get the chance to attend this because they were exhausted from an event prior to this one. Too bad we didn't experience it. Looks like you had so much fun!

  5. Seems like a fun event, Ava! I love Jollibee esp their chicken joy. I can still remember yung jingle nila before... "Isa pa, isa pang chickenjoy!" and how it is kind of mandatory to have a Jollibee kid's party at least once in your life. I had mine on my 7th and my sister on her 1st and 7th. LOL


  6. Hi Ava, this event was huge pala. Ang layo kasi ng SMX, I would love to go with Kenzo sana. Nice outfit, Birkenstock is making a comeback na talaga!


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