PhFW: FW 2014 collection of Suiteblanco, Sfera & Uno de 50!

by - October 29, 2014

Philippine Fashion Week has finally ended, but I'm still on PhFW high! Maybe because I badly wanted to see more shows, but time just didn't permit me. Since it was a busy weekend for me, then I had an exam last Friday and I actually missed one of the shows I was suppose to watch. Boo!:( Fortunately though, I made it on time for the last show! Whew!

The show that I was lucky enough to catch was Suiteblanco, Sfera and Uno de 50!

First up was Sfera. I actually got to see their flagship store at SM Makati and there were so many pretty stuff! I had a hard time picking out my favourites, because I wanted to fit everything in my shopping bag!^_^  

Fall Winter is usually the season I have a hard time dressing up in. I'm not into dark colours. When I'm given a black outfit, that's when I start panicking! haha! True story! But seeing the outfits from Sfera last friday was just wow! I'm digging the brown/beige and black combination. :)

Next up was Uno de 50…

In my opinion, the accessories of Uno de 50 are very tasteful. You can practically wear them with any outfit; as you can see, it can be used for formal or casual wear. You can even stack them and mix and match. It's my favourite silver line of accessory to date.

Last up was Suiteblanco…

Out of the three European brands, my ultimate favourite would have to be Suiteblanco. Ever since it opened in the Philippines, I have always been a fan. I love their clothes and if this is what Fall Winter looks like- colourful and fun, then I wouldn't mind for it to be Fall Winter all year round!:) 

And in case you didn't notice that wonderful gorgeous balloon skirt, I just wanted to let you know that almost every girl has dibs on that! It's love at first sight!

I really enjoyed watching all three brands strut down the runway. After the show, we had the chance to see and shop for the new collection. :) I already saw some that I fancied. But I also can't wait to make a trip to SM Aura to see more of Suiteblanco's collection heeee!^_^

Hope you guys enjoyed this season's Philippine Fashion Week!:) 


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