by - October 13, 2014

To have a daring hair colour was only but a dream for me before. It feels so surreal that I now have violet hair. If you're a Viber user, you must be familiar with the sticker 'Violet'. I've been so fond of using her every time I Viber with my best friend and now I guess it's just but fitting that I do cos we have something in common! She's my official Viber character!:)

Can you say we kinda look alike? I'm actually jealous of her cos she has a much lighter violet tone. haha! I kid!;)


So again, its been forever since my last OOTD and I do apologize for that. I just can't seem to find the perfect time for it. I really do try. That's why when I woke up early this morning, I told myself that it's time for a new one! It's a must!! Luckily, when I wake up as early as 7AM, the Hubby can take my photos. 

As usual, I'm wearing shorts. I feel like it's already my uniform whenever I take Athan to school. Waiting for him for 4 hours at their playground can be really hot. Hence, the shorter the shorts, the better, but not the kind that seems like you ran out of cloth and your lower cheeks are semi-visible. Pet peeve!!>_<

This is just a chill outfit!

top: aeropostle
shorts: romwe
sunnies: vintage rayban 
sandals: birkenstock

Oh and BTW, speaking of Violet and daring hair colours, I got a retouch! And boy oh boy! The violet really sticks out! I thought it was going to turn into a magenta-ish hue again like my last one. But to our surprise, the violet really showed this time around. :) I guess it helped that my hair kinda faded from Magenta to pink before I had my colour done again. :) Thank you so much, Azta Urban Salon at SMDC Jazz Mall for the awesome job!! You guys are so skilled and amazing!

Nothing much has happened to me lately. Still the same old stuff; Go to school, do mommy stuff, attend events and blog. I did however receive good news last Friday and I'm absolutely positively excited for it!!^_^ I don't wanna divulge the details here yet, cos I might jinx it haha! I'll just randomly announce it when it's super near the date. :) As of now, all I'm hoping for is that it pushes through and that good weather graces us in the Philippines all throughout this week. Please, Lord!^_^

Anyhoo, back again to this week's daily grind! Have a great week ahead, guys!!


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  1. Love your top! That 'Violet' sticker really reminds me of you. Same hair length/color, too!

    Life With Antlers // A Personal Blog

  2. Your hair! Gah, ganda, you can pull it off talaga! I still don't have the guts to sport that kind of Ombre.

  3. Ava, your hair is indeed fabulous! Now I want to have my hair dyed ombre too! Hehe. Love your top as well! So jealous of how great your style yourself.

    Louise of The Legendary Ukayista | Bloglovin'


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