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by - November 17, 2014

Going to the spa is something I rarely do. But when I get the chance, I really make sure I reserve the day solely for that. I want to be able to relax, not worry about a thing or not tinker with my smartphone for at least an hour or two. It's just pure R&R. :) 

Two Sundays ago, the Hubby and I decided to have a little date at Makati for our alone time and one thing we thought of was having our very first spa date. We haven't done this yet, so it's nice to try something new and what better way to face a new week than to get pampered! :) We then saw this hidden yet cozy little Spa and Nail Care place called HAGOD. 


If you're from or work around Makati, you would probably know Palanca Street. The place is located there and even if you're malling, it's just walking distance from Greenbelt. :)

As soon as we entered the place, you could already sense the serenity. It already starts preparing you to unwind. I also love the rustic interior of the place. Most spas that I go to have modern decors, so this is a breath of fresh air. 

They provide Full Body Massages, which is what we went for there. But other than that, they have manicure, pedicure and other special services like facial care and body scrub. :) Their prices are pocket-friendly too!

 A little heartwarming fact about Hagod is that this place actually almost closed down before. But because of a kind hearted man who wanted to save the jobs of the "Ates" who work there, he bought the place and started it running it. He gives them really good compensation and I truly admire him for doing so. It makes me happier that I decided to go to this Spa instead of the ones at the mall. In fairness to the women who work there, after experiencing their service, they absolutely deserve to have their jobs. :)

Prior to our massage, we got served Green tea and it was so soothing. I felt like having a sore throat that day and for some reason it disappeared! I guess Green tea makes a good remedy!

Finally, for our massage, we had the full body that lasts for a good one hour. The Hubby had the Shiatsu since he doesn't like any oil on him. I highly recommend this if you still have something to do or you want to go malling after, because you will definitely feel oily if you don't. I, on the other hand had the Swedish and with the oil. 

This is the side where the Hubby had his massage and I was on the other side. :) Sorry for the extreme flash!>_

Before beginning the massage, our attendants asked us where they want us to focus on more. Mine was my back since I always feel tension or stress. The Hubby specifically mentioned his ankle was hurting for days and it already bothers him, so he asked for his attendant to focus on that part. :)

The one hour massage was so good that I felt like I needed an extra hour! haha!:) And no joke, the Hubby was surprised that his ankle felt so much better after his massage. Something I got so relieved about since he hasn't been comfortable prior to the massage. 

Their service was nothing but great and I can't wait to go back there for another round of relaxation. I'm planning to get a Gingerific massage and Mani-Pedi on my next visit. :)

If you need a break from your stressful and busy job, do drop by at Hagod to calm your senses and pamper yourself. 

Hagod Spa and Nail Care
Basement, The Colonnade Residences
132 C. Palanca St., Cor. Legaspi St., Legaspi Village,
Makati City
Store hours: 1:00PM-12:00AM


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