Goodbye bad hair days!

by - November 21, 2014

Having my hair colored to violet is something that I've always been happy about. I never regret the decision to have it in that color and I even emphasized in my past OOTD entry that I have no intentions of going to back to black anytime soon. But of course, along with the intensely colored hair, you also can't avoid having dry and frizzy hair sometimes, because like it or not, you'll get your hair dry, because of all the bleaching.

Fortunately, there are treatments available nowadays to help me maintain not only my love for violet hair, but to give me back my silky smooth hair again. :)

Here's my "BEFORE" Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment look. I actually just allowed my hair to air dry here. But upon getting to the salon, they had to wet my hair again. :)

So, last Monday, I went over to Piandre Salon to try out their Keratin Complex Treatment and as guided by my stylist Dennis, these were the two products he used on my hair.

The Keratin Complex- Intense RX is used to be repair damaged, over highlighted, processed, permed, straightened or relaxed hair.  It rebuilds hair's tensile strength, return elasticity and reduce breakage in just one treatment. 

The Keratin Complex Infusion Therapy-INFUSION automatically opens the cuticle and enters to infuse Keratin proteins and emollients (softening) into the hair. It repairs and revitalizes hair during blow drying or ironing and closes the cuticle to entrap nourishment.

The treatment that I had done was specifically called Express Blowout by Keratin Complex.

The treatment was done in just three easy steps; application of the Keratin Complex Intense RX and Keratin Complex Infusion Therapy INFUSION, wait and let the treatment do its wonders on your hair and finally, blow dry!:)

The treatment took me only an hour to finish and I didn't even get bored while waiting, because Piandre Salon gives the most awesome massages ever! Imagine, getting my hair pampered and feeling relaxed all at the same time! What a treat!

And the result?

Goodbye damaged hair! Can you see how my hair color looks more different here than my "BEFORE" photo? It's shinier and more vibrant than before!:) And not to mention, a lot softer! I'm absolutely happy  getting my healthy locks back. :)

To see how Keratin Complex Treatment works on your hair, check out the hair from the Keragirl below...

See how her left side looks all frizzy and dry? That's before the Keratin Complex Treatment and before to be honest, my hair feels like that sometimes. :( While the right side of her hair is after the treatment. Believe me, it feels SO much softer and brought back to life. :)

Piandre Salon also offers a wide range of Keratin Complex products in their salon, so even if you're busy after your treatment, you can still maintain it with their shampoo, conditioner and more. :)

Other services from Piandre Salon that might interest you...

Thank you so much, Piandre Salon for giving me another reason to love having colored hair. Now, I know how I can maintain it and have a much healthier version. :)

Piandre Salon
Two Parkade 30th Street corner 7th Avenue BGC Taguig


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  1. Love it! :)


  2. Hi Ava :)
    Recently, my hair has been bleached too.
    And it's all dry and frizzy.
    I tried using hair spa products but I think they're not enough.
    Good thing I saw your post.
    I will definitely try Piandre's Keratin Complex treatment soon.
    Thank you for sharing this awesome review, Ava :)
    God bless.


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