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by - November 05, 2014

My two day trip to Cebu was 3 weeks ago and I find myself with such an overdue post!>_< To be honest, I've been delaying this post, because I really want to put out a good entry about it. I may not have been able to tour Cebu while I was there cos I had a strict schedule to follow for work. But I still did enjoy my time and I guess it's about time that I blog about this!
So, last October, I was invited by the Aboitiz Foundation to be one of their guest judges for the 3rd year of their Green Fashion Revolution. :) 
Incase you're wondering what the Aboitiz Foundation is all about, below is a brief description...
"Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. is the corporate foundation of the Aboitiz Group. Established in 1988, it addresses the social and economic development needs of marginalised members of society. It implements corporate social responsibility interventions especially in areas where Aboitiz companies are located. The foundation focuses on three program components, namely education, enterprise development, and environment."
As soon as I finished reading their invitation to me, I was so excited, because #1- I have never been to Cebu, #2- I have always wanted to go to Cebu and #3- I was really looking forward to know more about what the Green Fashion Revolution was all about. :)
Of course, I just had to say, YES!!!! ^_^ 
It was Bye for now Manila and HELLO CEBU!
WARNING: *Photo diary is photo heavy! hahaha!* 

I rode the PAL Express plane going to Cebu and it was a good 1 hour and 15 minutes trip. I'm really thankful that Aboitiz allowed me to have one person accompany me on this trip and of course, that would be my Hubby!^_^ 

As soon as we landed at Mactan airport, we were greeted by Fast transit and they were to take us to our hotel. But on our way there, I couldn't help but do a little sight seeing. 

Putting the jeep aside, who gets a beautiful view like that in the city nowadays??? I love how Cebu can look urban and rural at the same time! Even the Hubby was impressed!

The hotel we stayed at for two days was Raddison Blu. :) From this view, it reminds me so much of Las Vegas! Hehe! Doesn't it? Looks like one of the buildings there. It was one of the best hotels I stayed at and the service was great.


Since our room was at the 12th floor, we had a nice view of the places near the hotel. I love how their port is so neat and organized. Oh and there seemed to have been a lot of other activities going on at Cebu when I went there. Just look at the huge exterior of the pink ribbon!

After putting our bags down in our room, it was time to begin my first day at Cebu!

We first had lunch at Cafe Laguna. The food there was so yummy! Missing these two dishes!

After lunch, I had two hours to spare before the Green Fashion 2014 event, so Gersh and I went to visit his Tita Minda at her convent. Unfortunately, this is the only photo I have in the convent since she's a pink sister and isn't allowed to have pictures of her published on the internet. :( BUT! It was really great meeting her. You could visit them and send them your prayers. What they do is really admirable. They pray for the world nonstop. 

Around 3:30PM, we got back to Raddison and Immediately prepared for the Green Fashion event. 

What I wore to the fashion show. :) I was so happy that day, because for the first time, I got to wear my contact lenses at an event and I actually lasted the whole day wearing it. No irritation whatsoever! Yey!:)

Before the main event, we had a small Bloggers' Circle Spree and there I met new wonderful Cebu Bloggers and the AVP of Sustainabilitym Corporate Branding & Commucation, Ms. Malou Marasigan.

Ms. Malou gave us a background about what Aboitiz Foundation does and one of the things I remembered was her telling us that they plan to plant 3 million trees by 2015. Our country is really in need of more threes. I actually believe that there should be LESSER condos and more tree planting projects. I really hope Aboitiz Foundation reaches their goal. :)

We also had a nice activity care of Paul Gaston of Aboitiz. :) Paul, BTW was the one who took care of us the whole time we were at Cebu. I can't thank him enough!

Paul picking out our Sustainability Bucket List Challenge!

I thought we were suppose to make our own, so don't mind my erasure! haha! My challenge is quite hard as you can see. It's difficult to ride a bicycle around Manila. But I won't back down on this! I'm definitely putting this on my bucket list and hoping to achieve it someday! Thanks, Paul!

I also got to do a little talk about what I do in terms of blogging. I hope they learned a thing or two or something! hehe!>_<

Nice meeting you again Cebu Bloggers, Jean, Kristine, Katrina, Toni and Miong!:)

Finally! The Green Fashion Revolution 2014!

The event was held at the SM City Cebu Trade Hall. :) The place was already packed with people when I got there. I sensed a lot of school pride!:)

My view of the stage. :) To be honest, it was so hard to be a judge that day. Every school came prepared and every outfit was just so creative!

To give you a background of what the Green Fashion 2014 is…

"The activity highlights the importance of the #Rs- reduce, reuse, and recycle- as it challenged competing students from colleges and universities across Metro Cebu to create clothing, footwear and accessories that make use of recycled materials."

Participants this year are from Cebu Institute of Technology-University, Cebu Normal University, University of San Carlos, and University of the Philippines Cebu

Each school had to create a collection out of recycled materials, like old denim, tarpaulin and flour bags. 

Let the fashion show begin!

 Seeing all these down the runway, it's really hard to believe they were all made from recycled materials! I was in so much awe! These college kids are just so talented! And my, my, my! The models were so fierce! It's like watching Project Runway! I loved everything!

Every student from their respective colleges put out a really great show and I mean it when I say that they're all winners for me. But there will always be the one best among them and it was a tough decision!

Reviewing the scores with my fellow judges, Ms. Malou and top Cebu fashion designers

Aside from judging the Best Clothing Design, Best Accessories Design, Best Bag Design, and Best Footwear Design, we also had to choose the Best Male and Female model. Imagine having to judge 40 people who were all equally fierce! Tough!

But like I said, there will always be the best and I'd like to extend my Congratulations to the following:

Champion: UP CEBU!

Best Clothing Design-Those priceless happy faces :)

Even the trophies were made from recycled material :)
1st Runner up: CIT

2nd Runner up: USC

Best Footwear design: USC 
So honoured that I got to award some of the winners as well. :)

Best Male and Female model- CIT-U

Champion: University of the Philippines
1st runner-up: Cebu Institute of Technology
2nd runner-up: University of San Carlos
Best Clothing Design: UP
Best Accessories Design: CIT-U
Best Bag Design: USC
Best Footwear Design: USC
Best Male Model: Dan Valentin D. Escasinas (CIT-U, #3)
Best Female Model: Sarah Jay Burlat (CIT-U, #10)

Again, congratulations to all the winners!:) Each school has proposed environmental intervention program for their respective adopted barangay and the winning school's barangay will also get support from Aboitiz Foundation. 

That ends my first day in Cebu! So productive, right?? For my second and final day, it was composed of packing and a yummy breakfast. Our flight was early, so no time to go out and roam around Cebu anymore. :(

Gift from the Bloggers' Circle spree :) Packaging made from eco-friendly materials!:)

This is the first time I have worked with the Aboitiz Foundation and I hope this won't be the last. They have showed me that earning profit is not only their main concern; they encourage sustainable living, creativity and doing good in everything. I really admire that about them.

Thank you so much, Aboitiz Foundation for having me. Especially to Paul! You have not only made October memorable for me, but I also have learned from you. :) Till next time!

To know more about the Aboitiz Foundation, visit them at:


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  1. I see you had a great time. Good for you. I wish to visit there again next year. To swim with the gentle giants of the sea. :)

  2. I love knowing and seeing events like these sprouting in different areas here in the Philippines. Spreading awareness and doing our part in taking care of the environment is a good advocacy. Although, if I was on your shoes, I don't think I'd be able to do the bucket list challenge. Hindi ako marunong mag-bike! Hahaha! BTW, love the red dress you wore. Looking charming as ever, Ava! :)


  3. Oh, I miss Cebu! It's my favorite city in the country. I couldn't wait to go back there soon! :)

  4. Looks like you had a great trip with your hubby Ate Ava. I hope to visit Cebu too! I've never been to Cebu and posts like this make me want to get my butt there asap! I really like those sandal you wore on the flight to Cebu and back to Manila. What brand are they from?

  5. We're also thinking of having a vacation in Cebu since it's one of the biggest and most urbanized cities in the country. One of my office mates though didn't recommend to go to the modernized area because it's only like seeing what's in Manila. Rather, there's a beach portion there that she advises us to go.

    It was great that you have attended a fashion show! The trophies are cute.

  6. I love the advocacy of this event. Looks like you and the hubby had a blast! :)

  7. I've never been to Cebu, seems like a lovely place to visit :D

  8. What a wonderful opportunity! It all looks like a worthwhile experience.

  9. Oh wow! Kaiinggit! I love your chic maleta :) It's a dream to visit Cebu. I'm sure you had a blast :)


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