Never going black

by - November 04, 2014

Ever since I got my hair coloured purple, I always get good reactions from people I meet, even strangers! I also got so used to it that when people stare at me in public, I often wonder if there's something on my face that they have to stare that way, but then I suddenly remember, "Oh! It must be my hair!" Then, I no longer wonder why they even look. haha!:)) Makes me wish that my hair was really purple! Ugh! If only we could pick our hair colour when we're born, right? That would be so much fun! As of now, I have no intentions of going back to my black hair. I feel so settled with my hair right now. It's purple at first, but when it fades it actually turns to magenta haha!=P

In terms of dressing up, I think I've grown up a lot in that department. I remember when I started blogging, I always wanted to dress according to the latest trend or constantly post my OOTD. That was two years ago. Now, I usually dress according to my mood and what I'm comfortable with. And speaking of comfortable, I am crazy about loose jeans! Especially these latest one I got from Zara. I've worn them so many times that I think it might give up on me soon, but wag naman!! Favorite jeans! haha!=P 

But seriously, isn't comfort dressing the best?? You feel free to move and you feel good as well. One thing I don't put aside when comfort dressing is accessorising. I love accessories too much! I can't even leave the house with my watch! With bags though, I always prefer the multi-strapped ones cos their easier to tote around.


This week has been pretty steady for me. It's the second half of the term and we're just beginning with our new lessons and come December, it's finals! Huhuhu! Wish me luck! 

On another random note, I bought two new books the other day; Lullabies by Lang Leav and Landline by Rainbow Rowell. They're both best-sellers, so I can't wait to start reading them!

*Photo from Beb Ana :) *

Top: Plains & Prints
Pants: Zara
Flats: LeBunny Bleu
Bag: Baggu 
Watch: Armani Exchange from WSI

So far that's it for me! I hope you all are having a good week so far. It's already hump day tomorrow! Countdown to the freakin' weekend!!


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  1. The color suits you, and I think it also complements your skin tone. I tried light brown on me before and I look "hilaw" hahahaha...

  2. So much love for your hair Ms. Ava! :)

  3. Where did you have your hair done? It's my dream to have my hair colored RED or PINK or SKY BLUE! *gasps*
    I appreciate people like you who live beyond the norms. :) Colored hair is cool.

  4. @Kat Hi Kat! :) Got my hair done at Azta Urban Salon! Thanks for the sweet comment!

  5. So pretty Ava!! P.S. you should keep this hair color!! Super bagay sayo! Very edgy! :D


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