Post it and Scotch Revolution!

by - November 12, 2014

I am a bookstore junkie and when I entered high school, I had more freedom to choose my school supplies than I did back in grade school. So, imagine my frenzy at bookstores! The Stationary side was my ultimate favourite! I got coloured pens, assorted notebooks and of course, one of the materials I would always buy was Post-its! Usually when my diary gets too filled up, I need extra space and that's when the Post-it comes in. :) From then on, it has always been a favourite of mine. My mom even bought me a bunch of it in different colours! I no longer use a school diary, but I do have a notebook that I constantly put tiny notes on. :)

That's why when I got invited by the 3M company to attend their Post it and Scotch Revolution event, I  need not think of the answer cos it was an absolute, "YES!!" It was an honour to be part of their launch and to see firsthand their new products!

The event was held at the The Tents of Alphaland Southgate Mall and as soon as I entered, I was surprised by their awesome wall that was actually made from scratch with Post-it and Scotch products! Amazing!!^_^ The theme was composed of the street graffitis, office space and school. :)

The theme was just perfect, because when you want to improve performance at work or want to rev up more enthusiasm for school assignments, maybe colourful and snazzy office supplies will help kick-start the creative energy and make schoolwork, office work or even the simple task of home organising a lot more fun.

Some of their new and stylish products include the following...

Tape Soccer Dispenser

Scissors in Gingham print

Full Adhesive notes

Tape Kitty Dispenser

Spot the Scissors in Zebra print! Oh and the cute Designer notes pads :)

Tape Cosmo Dispenser
The new products reflect the fun attitude of the brand and are all about style and self-expression. 

Having all these materials will surely perk up and inspire your office or school work!:) How can they not?? Especially that Tape Cosmo dispenser!! Ahhh!! I NEED IT IN MY LIFE!! Too pretty!

As the program started, we got the pleasure of meeting the Division Head of 3M, Ms. Vivian Faustino and the 3M Philippines Managing Director, Mr. Anthony Bolzan. :)

Aside from getting introduced to their newest products, we also got introduced to dancing! haha!:))

It was really funny! They had dance steps according to the newest products; Kitty, Soccer, Scissors, Spin and Cosmo! Hehe!:) The bloggers even joined in the game!

Since everyone is very techy nowadays and people have their smartphones wherever they go, Post-it brand has also introduced its very first productivity app! Now you can bring your Post-it notes with you anywhere! How??

With the amazing Post-it Plus App! When I first tried this app out, I was so amused! I couldn't stop saying WOW! COOL!! and Amazing!! I was in so much awe! Being a Post-it user, you would feel the same way too! You can organise and share notes with your friends in three easy steps: capture, organise , and share!:)

You can download the app like I did on your Apple App Store.

  And from there you can start doing the following:
 Snapping a picture of a group of Post-it Notes--Just like what I did on the photo above!
Confirm captured Post-it Notes-- Look at the notes on the board! You now have it on your mobile!
Organize your thoughts
Zoom in for greater detail
Share with everyone

Yes, you can share it with your friends via text, email, Facebook or Twitter! You can also export your customized board as a PDF, PowerPoint, Excel or Zipped Folder. Post-it Plus App is available for Apple devices with iOS 8. Androids will be available soon. :)

If typically events have photo booths, I was surprised that the 3M group prepared a caricature of us instead!:) 

Mommy Jen having hers done! :)

This was so cute and definitely one-of-a-kind!:) I've never had a caricature done at an event before!:)

Thank you so much for inviting me to this awesome event, 3M!:) I can't wait to get my hands on more Post-It  and Scotch products!!^_^

The new Scotch and Post-it Products are now available at all National Bookstore outlets nationwide. :)

For more information, go to 


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  1. This post makes me want to run to the nearest bookstore and grab some post its (even though I still have tons here at home cause I'm such a hoarder). Like you I'm a bookstore junkie (even before I became obsessed with makeup) and bookstores are my heaven. I love collecting notebooks, post its, scented stationeries, etc. This event is soo cool! Looks like you had tons of fun! ^_^

  2. This event looks soooo much fun! And I can just imagine you as a child, being so happy at stationary area because you're a very arsty person! hehehe. And wow cool nung app as well!!!

    Also, ang cool din nung caricature. Hahahaha. Dami kong sinabi.
    Thanks for this post, Ava!! It was fun to read :) Take care always!


  3. UGHHH! I need those post-its in my life! <3

  4. Ang cute ng zebra scissors! Yes, I spotted it hehe


  5. My love affair for Post-its began in high school. I'd have notes stuck on my books, notebooks, binder, my locker, my room... These days, I have Post-its stuck on my fridge and my work area. Seriously, I can't live without these little stick note pads. :)

  6. I just downloaded the app! Yaay! I'm a sticky-note / post-it hoarder and I'll definitely try out the app tomorrow. Love it!


  7. Ang cute ng donut tape dispenser. I love post-its too. I still have them inside my diary and my planner :)


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