The Gift of Time

by - November 13, 2014

When you have kids, time is often dedicated in taking care of them and their needs. This is the part when couples say that you start losing time for your significant other and things just became a routine to both of you. Life is simply sucked out. But for me, I don't believe in that entirely, because no matter how busy you get, I think that you should always make time for your loved ones. :) 

When my husband and I (boyfriend back then) started dating circa 2007, we would always go out on dates every weekend. Fast forward to today, Eight years as a couple, our weekends are usually family day with the kiddos. But we don't mind! That's still a great thing, because we make time to have family days. Something the kids really love. On the side though, the Hubby and I still greet each other when monthsaries come by and during special occasions such as Valentine's Day and Anniversaries, we really make it a point that it's our day and it will just be the two us on that date. :)

So truly, the best gift you can ever give your loved ones this Christmas is the Gift of time. 

A week ago, I received an early Christmas present from Tomato and it was so timely, because the Hubby's old watch broke and he hasn't been able to buy a new one lately. I immediately thought that he was the perfect person to share this with. :) We finally have our first couple watch! Would you like to see what he got? :)

I got the Sporty Turbo Chrome in Rose Gold and White, while I picked the Struktur District in Silver and Black for the Gersh. :) Now, every time we look at our watches, we'll be always reminded of each other.

With Tomato Time's affordable fashion watches, you can now share the Gift of Time to your loved ones. Perfect as a gift to your mom, dad, sibling, friend or lover, the brand has a wide range of fashionable watches to choose from --Sporty, Casual, Corporate, or Party!

And this gift-giving season, Tomato TIme has also come up with amazing gift ideas that your loved ones will surely enjoy! They have watches that have a price range of Php 500 to Php 1300 only! Each Tomato Time watch also comes with a 1 year warranty on mechanism and battery making sure that each timepiece is not only stylish but also of very good quality. :)

So, wait no longer and start buying the perfect gift for your loved ones!


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  1. I remember, when I was in high school I hate wearing wrist watches. It's like I have to be very careful with my actions because of it. Then when we go for gift shopping, my mom usually finds my dad a wrist watch to buy and I never understood that. My mom would just say "when you grow older, you'll realize how much a wrist watch could mean to you".

    Now that I've grown up, I have like about 5 pieces of wrist watches! I mean, time is very important and it's the best accessory to have. Not only is it fashionable but also very functional.

    I'll check out the nearest Tomato Time branch for me and see if there's something my beloved cousins would like to have. I didn't know they're affordable. I thought they'd cost more than 3k.


  2. This is so sweet, Ava! Ang cute ng watches niyo! :) I super loved the idea of Tomato's #GiftOfTime :) I got to share mine with my one and only mom.. Super kinilig siya sa new watch niya. hihi :D

  3. Aww, sweet! Nice yung white! I really like chunky watches but it doesn't look nice on my skinny arm, hahahaha...

  4. I love your watch! <3 I also want to get myself and the boyfriend a pair of couple watch, but still waiting for the Christmas sales. Hihihi

    And I love tomato watches too! So inexpensive but really adorbs.


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