Holiday updates!

by - December 28, 2014

Again, its been awhile since my last entry! I guess with everyone being on vacation and events on hold during the holidays, it cannot be helped to be on hiatus. But I'm trying my best to still blog, so expect a bit more personal entries during this time. :) After Christmas and New Year, I'm hoping to be back to regular event coverages and OOTD entries again. :)

For now, I want to share what has been up with me and the family this Christmas!

Gifts from my favorite girls!:)

Before Christmas came, my blogger sisters- Ana, Christine, Arnie and I met up for a little Christmas get together. :) We had dinner at Manam, our all time favorite Filipino restaurant, we exchanged gifts, then we had dessert and coffee at Coffee Bean. :) It was so nice to catch up with them in a non-event place. We usually get to see each other at common events. But being able to bond outside of that is so much better. :) I super love how they know me so well! I love their presents! Very artsy! Thank you, girls!!

Another Christmas gathering that I got to do was with my BFFs!:) We also had dinner, bonded over hot chocolate and exchanged gifts. The items above are my gifts from them and I love them oh so much!:) I've always wanted a pineapple case and the photo is one of my favorite shots, so I'm thankful they got me these!^_^ To more bonding sessions!

Last December 24 and 25, we spent Christmas at my In-Laws place. Its been our tradition already since my side of the family prioritizes New Year celebrations more. :)

We had Noche Buena there as well and it was really nice that my mother-in-law and mom as well prepared yummy food for us to eat. Nothing beats home cooked meals! I love!:) After hearing mass, we dove into those food above and opened our gifts. :) So happy that the kids were over the moon with our presents. We really made sure that the gifts we got them were well researched! :) At least, it paid off!

I also love my presents from the Hubby. He actually helped me get a head's start on one of the items on my bucket list - to pain on canvas again!:) I got so excited that I started painting last night and finished it as well!^_^ Will show you guys in my next post! I also got a nice wallet from Rags to Riches. Perfect gift! Thank you!!

Feeling really grateful too, because I received nice gifts/packages from brands and PR friends. :)

Thank you so much, Freeway, Girbaud, Toms and ARC PR!:) It has been a pleasure working with you! Thank you for everything and hoping for another great year ahead with you!:) Cheers to 2015!!

Its been forever since my last manicure. I often do it myself at home and thankfully, Mom treated me to a pampering day last week, so I got Holiday themed nails done!:) Yey!

Got a sweet present in the mail last week- Strawberry covered chocolates!:) It's from the online store of my best friend, Clary. :) You can find her shop Assorted Tastes on Instagram! She sells quality Japanese goodies. :)

Next present is from my Mom! She definitely knows my favorite designer well!:)

I love how the beige one can be for formal and casual days and the checkered one can still match to my love for quirky things!:) Prints is definitely in!:) Thanks, mom!!

My Mom and Aunt are home for the Holidays, so we're making the most of it while they are here. :) So far, its been a week! Can't wait to spend NYE with the people I love!

Last update, would you believe that we just managed to put up a Christmas tree today???

Yes, folks, just today! We actually didn't have a tree last year cos my Angkong died last September 2013. So, we didn't know if we should put up one this year. But since the kids were really begging for one, my Aunt put it up. :) After all, Christmas is for the kiddos! And! This is the year that Asher can finally appreciate what a Christmas tree is!:)

Well, that's all for now! I'm hoping my next entry won't be on January! haha! Let's hope it'll be sooner! One of my main New Year's resolution would be to be better at blogging! Still working on my other resolutions! ;) 

Hope you all are having a great time with your loved ones! Happy Holidays!!


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  1. Happy happy Christmas indeed! :) Nag crave ako ng Lugang though! Hehe!

  2. LOVE YOU ALWAYS!!! I hope to see you more often in the coming year :)

  3. Nice! Looks like you really had an awesome holidays! saya naaaaman! Ako puro kain at tulog lang. wahahaha :))

  4. Happy Holidays, Ava! Glad to hear you enjoyed the Christmas! I saw the strawberry covered chocolates in your Instagram ata and I was like drooling! Hahaha! :D



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