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by - December 09, 2014

This post is way overdue and I really apologize for the lack of entries the past few days. Our DSL connection has been acting up and would you believe my 3G connection was faster??>_< But of course, I could only use that on my mobile. Not fast enough for my laptop. But finally! Our internet is back to its normal speed and I can finally blog! Yey!!

Anyhoo, speaking of delayed entries, last November 28, The SM Store Beauty Section in Makati reopened. If you're frequent at SM Makati, you would know that they did some renovations and now after their major facelift, the top beauty store opens its doors to luxury global brands, making it the perfect destination for women with exquisite taste. You will find that so much beauty is within your grasp, and you don't need to go to great distances or international lengths to get it.

This new shopping haven spans almost 2,500 square meters, the biggest beauty store to ever grace the country. Within the four walls of the massive beauty section lay almost 200 of the most esteemed global beauty brands. 


The SM Store Beauty Section will not only be the home of upscale brands, it will also offer world-class services for your beauty needs. Shoppers can avail of free make-up makeovers, hair styling, nail art, skin analysis, and tutorials.

I really love the new looks of the SM Beauty section. :) It's minimalist and it has more brands than before. It actually took me awhile to shop, because everything was so pretty! I got confused with all the  nail polish colors and lipstick shades. Oh my!


They also have a wide selection of perfume brands and even my favorite Elizabeth Arden in classic Green Tea!:) Now, I know where to go when I finish my bottle!

One of my favorite stalls there was Tony Moly. :) It had so many quirky stuff and I just had to get me two of those Petite Bunny Gloss Bar!:) I already tried it and I love it! Soft on the lips, gives the right amount of gloss and it even smells good!

And if you're currently on a lookout for the perfect beauty present for your loved ones, why not try their gift sets!:)

These are just two of the many options you can find at the SM Store Beauty Section in Makati. :)

From the dazzling interiors to the sheer amount of global brands at your fingertips, it lives up to its status as a haven for women longing for the beauty experience that they most definitely deserve. Come see it for yourself and discover so much beauty at the new SM Makati. :)

The SM Store Beauty Section is located at the Ground Floor of SM Makati.


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  1. I was there in the afternoon sayang was not able to see you girls ; (


  2. I have not been to SM Makati in such a long time! That beauty section actually looks like a beauty department store na! It looks huge with the wide selection. Buti na lang I am not a beauty junkie! :D

  3. You are absolutely lucky with all the beauty goodies options you have there! Man, I'm so jelly LOL. I'm obsessed with Sally Hansen's line actually and own the one in blue from your pic. If I go back to Pinas, definitely checking this place out.

    xx Donah

  4. I love the new look of SM Store Beauty Section in Makati, so spacious, so sosyal! I'll definitely drop by SM Makati one of these days.


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