Why I love the SBC 2015 Dream Journal!

by - December 16, 2014

Like I mentioned in my previous planner post, I've been getting a lot of planners lately and it makes me feel like I'm all set for 2015!^_^ Though they are all equally awesome in their own way, I'd have to say that the Seattle's Best Coffee 2015 Dream Journal stands out the most. Why? Well, just from the name you can already tell. :)

Isn't it pretty? It comes in four colors - Green, Red, Navy Blue and Grey. :) But what do I love about it?

The SBC 2015 Dream Journal gives you a copy of their relaxing playlist. :) You no longer have to wonder what song is playing in the background while you're sipping your coffee at SBC. :) Pretty neat, I must say!

They also have a list of their branches, so you will no longer have to search online when you're outside.  :)

It also includes this cute mouse pad! Admit it, some of you love staying at coffee shops and doing your work on your laptop. This would be the perfect match to that! It's so handy, don't you think so? :)

And what truly makes the SBC Journal different is that, it's a journal and not a planner. You can start on any page you please and write on it whenever you want. :) You can even doodle or make lists. It's all up to you. 

But of course, even if it's a journal, you can still keep track of your schedule at the date with the monthly calendar attached. :)

This SBC 2015 Dream Journal definitely has it all! But wait! There's more!

Who needs a bookmark when you have Coffee Mug paper clips?? This is the cutest! Can you already tell why I love this journal?^_^ Cuteness overload!

And when you turn to back page of the paper clips, you have a Coffee Mug sticky note! Can this journal get any better? Now I can be reminded of my errands and to-do list by sticking this in any parts of my SBC Journal or desktop. :)

And finally, it has cute stickers and monthly coupons that you can enjoy. :)

The Seattle's Best Coffee 2015 Dream Journal is something that everyone would love. Not only is it stylish, but it's packed with tons of freebies and exciting surprises!:) 

Start collecting your 18 stickers at your favorite SBC coffee shops to get your hands on the 2015 SBC Dream Journal!:)


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