by - January 31, 2015

Goodness gracious! Its been forever since my last Art Diaries post and I'm so sorry for that!>_< I have a good excuse though! I love my Instagram account so much, or more like addicted to it, that I always upload anything artsy related there. I got bit by the shutterbug and I can post up to 2-3 photos a day! So, if you're the type who loves updates, you can expect that a lot from me!^_^

Anyhoo, finally back with another Art Diaries post and that's because I'm painting on canvas frames again! Yey!! That has been on my Bucket List since last year and I'm so glad the Hubby gave me new paint brushes and a canvas frame last Christmas. From there, I just got so excited to start again. :)

The first thing I did was to think of a subject and how I was going to paint it. Since I was am still very obsessed with pineapples, I decided to go for that and went with an abstract theme. :)

By the way, I used Acrylic colors for all my canvas paintings. 

This is my final output!:) I know I have a lot to work on. Especially my strokes. I pretty rusty! I didn't get to practice for years. :( But hoping to be back on track for good!

After I finished this, I was itching to paint another canvas frame, so I bought a 9 x 12 frame, I think? Kinda a blur on the size, but it's a shorter one compared to my first.

It took my awhile to decide on a design, but I figured since I started out with a pineapple, i'll continue on with a series of fruits before moving on to a new theme. :) So, sketched my second fave - watermelon! But this time, floating with clouds!

I'm not really into strong colors, so it might be safe to say that i'll be painting with only pastel colors. :) Ended up with a pastel shade of watermelon and while waiting for it to dry, I wondered if I should even put seeds on the watermelon, because it seemed alright with me as it is. But upon asking people on Instagram, they suggested to put the seeds and I did!

Tadah!:) Grey seeds though! :) Again, pastel!=P So far, I haven't done a third canvas frame yet. Still pondering on the design. :) 

Hope you guys enjoyed this Art Diaries post! Happy weekend ahead!!


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