Kenny Rogers: Some things are too good to forget

by - February 02, 2015

If there was one thing I could bring back from the past... something that was possible, I guess that would be to have another day with my grandfather. To go on a date with him and just spend the whole day talking. It doesn't have to be months, weeks, I just want a day. We never really got the chance to have dates anymore, so it's something I really want to bring back. Unfortunately, that isn't possible anymore. But I'm not giving up. :) I can always wait for him in my dreams.♥ 

Last Friday, I spent the start of my weekend at Sky Ranch, Tagaytay in a very nostalgic way. It was almost like going back to the good memories and the one responsible for this awesome day is none other than Kenny Rogers. :) And the main question of Kenny Rogers to us during the event was, "What we wanted to bring back from last year?" My answer was simple-- To have adventures and road trips again. :)

So why did they ask us this question? :)

Because, finally, they have brought back their crowd favorite from last year- The Kenny Rogers Garlic Butter Chicken. :) 

To be honest, it was my first time to taste it and I loved it! I imagined it was going to have this strong garlicky taste, which I'm not a fan of. But it didn't! It had a tasty subtle flavor and I enjoyed it!:) I especially love the Garlic Chorizo Pasta! Nom nom nom!

Doesn't this make you hungry?^_^ Kenny Rogers also offers delivery, so no matter where you are, they will deliver! 555-9000 is the number!:)

Photo from Beb Ana :)

Aside from the yummy lunch, I also enjoyed some good Kenny coffee and great company of the Tagaytay crew!:) 

After our intimate lunch with the Kenny Rogers team, they took us to Sky Ranch and treated us to some fun rides!:) Yey! Told you, this trip was a very nostalgic one! Bringing back some childhood memories of amusement parks and basically, being a kid for a day!

The order of the rides we took here is backwards hehe. :) We first rode the Carousel, The Eye and we saved the best for last- Super Vikings!:) I'm not really the brave type when it comes to rides. The adrenaline rush kinda gets to me, but that only happens once I'm one the ride! Haha! I'm gutsy when I still on the ground and waiting for my turn. But once I'm on the ride, good luck!=P

Felt dizzy during the Carousel ride, so I also tried walking while the ride was still going around hahaha!:) This was also a perfect time to be silly!

Photo from Beb Ana :)

Next up, The Eye!:) This ride was kinda hilarious for us, because the songs playing were so senti that if you were a melancholy person and you rode alone, it would be a tear jerker ride!:)) We kept wondering what the next song would be and it all played mellow ones! The view was amazing though! We saw the beautiful Taal!

And finally, the ride that tested us all! hahaha! We were so brave when we got on the Super Vikings... Ana and I were the most excited to go on it and kept cheering. But after, it was a whole different thing! Why??? Watch Mother Earth's vide below!

Now you know what fashion bloggers look like when they're scared! haha!:))

Thank you so much, Kenny Rogers for such an amazing day!:) Definitely another great memory to add to 2015, because some things are too good to forget. ;) This was a great end to my January! 


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  1. Yey for the photo na may roller coaster hahaha! Dropped everything for that! :D I also hope for more road trips this year! :) <3

  2. If I can bring something back, I would like to see my lola one more time too. Memories.. I've been to Sky Ranch and I enjoyed it. Loved the sights and the giant ferris wheel. There is one in Pampanga that I would love to go to next. =)

  3. Kenny Roger's Garlic Butter Chicken! Definitely ordering next time!

    I haven't been to Sky Ranch on Tagaytay pa but planning on going to the Sky Ranch in Pampanga which is like 10 minutes away from my place! And you look so adorable riding the carousel. I haven't ridden one since I was in elementary pa! Hahaha!

    If there is one thing I can bring back from the past I guess it's my motivation to workout two years ago? LOL


  4. I haven't been to Kenny Roasters for quite a while. I must visit Kenny's soon (and Sky Ranch. hihihi.)


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