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by - January 12, 2015

My Mom is already back in Taipei right now. But when she came home last December 20 till early January, we've done a lot of coffee dates. This is actually the first time we ever did a lot. Normally we'd just do that if we're too sleepy during the day and need something to perk us up or I needed stickers for my planner. Those were the only two reasons. But for some reason Mom had an affinity for cafés this time around, so we went to a few while she was here and since I'm going to miss our coffee dates, I just wanted to share some of the places we had tea or coffee at. :)

Starbucks was our all time favourite when Mom came home. I wasn't collecting stickers for the planner this time around. But if I was, I would have gotten two planners already haha! Yes, that's how  frequent we went there to have coffee. My Mom really loved the Toffee Nut, while I enjoyed the Christmas Cookie. :) Too bad they only have it every Christmas... sigh... I miss!:( Oh and have you tried their Mango Madness dessert? Nomnomnom!

When Starbucks had to many people and we couldn't get a seat, we opted for BO's Coffee. I had their Mocha coffee and it was alright. What attracted me to their shop though is the quirky Charlie's Quencher and the lemon bar was not bad at all. :) They also carry other flavours of Charlie's Quencher, so do pop by BO's if you wanna see more.

For something more fancy, we celebrated the first day of 2015 at The Peninsula Manila. :) Most of my family had coffee while I stuck with the TWG Pink Flamingo Tea and some Tiramisu cake. Wish I had coffee though. The tea was a bit bland. >_<

While Mom was here we also had a one-on-one date and we tried out Paul at SM Aura. :) We both had the Tea Surprise and it composed of a tea of your choice and a few pastries. We had Earl Grey for our tea and it's my ultimate favourite when it comes to tea flavour. You should try it with honey!

For a cozy space and cute latte art, we loved UCC Clockwork at Blue Bay, Pasay. :) They have good coffee and not to mention a very accommodating staff. I had the flat latte art the second time we went there, but when I saw that they also offered a 3D version, I kindly asked if I could have that instead and the waitress was so kind enough to change it for not once, but twice!:)) They also offer food, so if you want to lunch or dinner first before coffee, they also have it.

The last one we went to before Mom left was Bizu at Podium. The place is quite small compared to the Greenbelt branch. But I love their sweet looking interior. It definitely still felt like Christmas here. :) I also like their extensive macaron selection; especially the Earl Grey flavour!:)

So that's it!:) I still have a few coffee shops that I want to go to on my list, like Cafe de Seoul, Toby's Estate, Yardstick Coffee and Scout's Honour. :) If you have other coffee shops in mind, please let me know! I would love to try them out!:)


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  1. i'm more of a tea person than coffee.. will check out Paul next time..Not much a fan of earl grey but maybe honey will do the trick haha! :)

  2. Oooh! I didn't know the UCC at Blue Bay makes latte arts! I've always been at UCC (other branches) but none, from the stores I've been to, makes latte arts! :D Toby's Estate, Yardstick Coffee and Scout's Honour are on my list too, along with Subspace, Commune and The Curator. :)


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