Philippine Herbs

by - January 11, 2015

When it comes to Herbs, I am often familiar about the ones that my Mom fondly uses when she bakes and cooks. Mostly, it's Basil, Rosemary, Parsley and Saffron. Other than that, I'm still trying to discover. But last week, I was surprised by Aboitiz Equity Ventures with a book as their New Year gift to me and it's called Philippine Herbs. :)

Naturally, the first person I thought that would super love this book was my Mom and true enough, when I opened it, she had this big smile on her face like it was both our gift haha!:) But I'm really glad I got this book, because Mom wants to know more about herbs and it's perfect that she can have a better understanding about our very own Philippine Herbs. 

Aside from her, I also enjoyed this book. It had more information in it than I ever expected and I really love the beautiful plant illustrations in the book. :)

Did you know we have 80 indigenous Philippine herbs and plants? Some we use for home cooking, medical remedies, and for staying healthy. 

 Inside the book you will find different Philippine herbs and plants with their respective photos and their uses. :) They also indicate their local and english names. Very helpful and insightful!

And the amazing thing about this book is it's also a cook book! Now I seriously think my Mom and I will be taking turns with this book!:) I love eating Ensalada when at Filipino restaurants and finally having ingredients for this is a dream come true!:) There are more recipes in this book and hoping I can try them out soon!

For people who love home made medications like our loving grandparents, you can try out the Medical Benefits of Herbs section of the book. It has simple recipes for Anti-Hypertension, Hyperacidity, Anti-Diabetes, Fever and more. A great way to treat illnesses in a natural and organic way. :)

All Natural Concoctions is what you can find in this section and in it is says "Nature is God's ultimate  pharmacy!" and it is so true! Herbs, fruits and vegetables are great sources of vitamins and minerals and knowing what to do with them we can live a more healthy lifestyle and resist sickness. 

There are so many wonderful recipes in this book- from teas, balms, rubs and juice. :)

And the main reason why my Mom really loves this book is because it informs you about planting and growing herbs. :) I have a few friends who have grown their own and no, not only people with big spaces or lots can plant. Even if you're living in a condo, don't let it stop you. You can still plant in pots and grow your little herb garden. :)

Ending this book review with one of the beautiful illustrations that can be found in it. 

The book hopes to promote a better understanding and appreciation of indigenous Philippine herbs and how these have been used throughout the country as natural ingredients for healthy living.

I'm not quite sure if it's already available in bookstores. But if it is, do grab a copy. It's a really nice book and I myself enjoyed it. :) I recommend it to people who love to cook. :)


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  1. Great book! I'll try to find this at NBS. :)

  2. I think this book is really nice. Any idea how much and where to get this book? I really want to check it out. :)

  3. Wooow! I love their book! Very visual and parang may 3D effect siya. bongga! :D

  4. This is something my boyfriend and I would love! I hope it's in NBS or FB. Would really love to get my hands on this. I'm a desperate cook kasi. My boyfriend and I loves cooking, experimenting recipes during our past time and having knowledge on other herbs especially yung from Philippines is great. Parsley at rosemary lng alam ko eh! :)

  5. That is awesome! I would have bought this book in a heartbeat! Would it be possible to purchase this and ship it overseas? I'm not in the PH at the moment :(


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