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by - February 17, 2015

Another big blazer outfit and can I just say that if given the chance to wear a huge blazer everyday, I would. If only the weather here in Manila was like Tagaytay's or Laguna's that would allow us to layer all the time. But summer is just a month away and we all have to keep our sweaters, scarves and thick blazers again to make way for the sleeveless, summer dresses and shorts...In short, summer dressing again! The weather may be scorching hot by that time, but I am looking forward to the bright colors!^_^

Just a short intro above about my outfit, but what I really wanna talk about is LOVE. :) I know Valentine's Day is over; 3 days over to be exact. But I just recalled what a certain someone told me before and I bet you heard it already somewhere already too ---

 "When you get older, the love you feel towards each other eventually turns platonic and you lose the spark."

That's one of the things I refuse to believe in ever since I was little. Call me naive, but I firmly believe in my heart and mind that once you commit yourself to someone and love them, you shouldn't let that feeling die. I'm still convinced that true love exist; the kind of love that lasts until you're 80 or 100 years old. The fuzzy feeling you get when you look at your partner and you know why you chose/married him or her. Yes, it may turn platonic, but there are reasons why some sweet love turn sour. 

There are ways to make that love work and when I say WORK, I really mean work. The couples you see that have been together for 3, 4 ,5 years or decades didn't just last that long out of nothing. I'm sure all of them worked to get where they are. Even after the honeymoon stage, you can still have that happy feeling. But if you're just starting out on your relationship, you can try out some of the things I learned in my 8 years of being in one. :)

1.) COMPROMISE- A relationship is a two way street and it works best when you both know how to meet each other halfway. You can't always have it your way and most definitely not HIS way or the highway. Ex.) If he goes to your event and genuinely supports you, it's just but right that you go to his activities too.

2.) KNOW WHEN YOU'RE WRONG- Pride eats up a lot of relationships and more often than not, you let it rule. That's a big NO-NO. You have to acknowledge when you're wrong and take the time to apologize. Sorry isn't so difficult to say if you mean it from the heart and believe me, it does great wonders! It solves most problems. As long as you didn't cheat, alright? That's a different story. ;)

3.) TRY NEW THINGS TOGETHER & GO ON DATES- This applies a lot to married couples. Once you have kids, you kinda feel that your life solely revolves around them. I'm not saying it doesn't or it shouldn't. Having kids is awesome! They make life a lot happier for us. But some couple forget this and let their bond with each other die along with having kids and when they're married, they think the working part is over. You need quality time together and ALONE time. Try talking to your partner or husband with kids around and I bet you won't really go far, because some kids can't stop asking "Why Mommy?" or "Why is this like this, Daddy?" It's just a natural thing for them. So, going on dates help, because you get to converse, bond and if you try new things together, you discover more things about each other and you can ignite that spark once more. :)

4.) TALK TO EACH OTHER- Yes, I know you're together almost everyday and you talk. But real talk is made up of open communication and this is really healthy for your relationship; You have to be honest and let your partner know what you want or need. He or she is not a fortuneteller so, replies like "I'M FINE", "K", the silent treatment  or going to sleep upset isn't really going to do much for you both. Trust that you both can work things out no matter the weather.

5.) TEAMWORK- It takes two to tango and being able to support one another can help your relationship thrive. You two can work on a business, make decisions together and make them feel your there, because you want to be in it with them and not cos you're forced. Ex.) My husband and I have this tag team kinda thing- He gives the kids a bath and I prepare their clothes and dress them up and vise versa. This also happens when I cook dinner and he washes the dishes. :)

6.) GROWTH OR FOR THE BETTER- If you see yourself dropping everything to be with one man or girl and you forget the important things in your life, then you're headed in the wrong direction.  Being in a relationship shouldn't stop you from focusing on yourself. The more you improve, the more your relationship happier. You know your relationship is blossoming when you, too are doing great. 

7.) SAY "I LOVE YOU" AND MEAN IT- A lot of us get so used to saying the word that it actually loses its meaning or sometimes we keep saying it, but we don't exactly SHOW it. Know that the simple things matter and if we continue to give affection to the ones we truly love, then it will surely bring out the best in your relationship. 

*Photo by Christine Liwag* :)

Blazer: F21
Top: Mango
Skirt: Zalora
Mandals: SM Parisian
Watch: Veloci
Bracelet: Uno de 50

There are a lot more things to learn when you're in a relationship and everyday is a learning experiencing and whether you're in a relationship for weeks, months or years, what matters is you don't forget to work on it and hold on to what you're feeling- why you loved that person in the first place. :)

Oh and I wanna share one last thing before I end this. A song that has actually inspired me to write this...

A perfect song for all couples who feel like they're on the rocks. If you know that both of you are heading in the same direction, then make it work!:)


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  1. your hair is love!


  2. awww.. tinamaan ako sa post mo. hihhi. (p.s. malalaman mo why soon. ;) ) anyway, I'll take note of these tips.. <3 You look so blooming talaga lagi, this is love talaga... <3 :)

  3. Aww.. This is such a sweet post. I definitely agree with these 7 things you shared on how to keep the spark in a relationship... Especially for people who has been in one for many, many years. Being in a relationship takes effort to keep the fire burning and the passion alive.

    Anyway, loving your outfit here especially your oversized blazer! <3 And the faded pink on your hair~ So fab!


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